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Please I need clarification on the use of "they" as a singular. Is it considered standard British English to use it as singular? For example, "Tell anyone that calls the landline, they should reach me on my cell"

Hi Justina,

Yes, it is perfectly fine to use 'they' as a genderless singular form and your example is correct.

This use of 'they' is quite old. You can find examples in Shakespeare, for instance:

There's not a man I meet but doth salute me

As if I were their well-acquainted friend


A Comedy of Errors, Act IV, Scene 3


It is certainly not a modern imposition on the language, as is sometimes argued.



The LearnEnglish Team



A: I've brought some white wine.
B: Thanks. Shall we put ___ in the fridge for a while?
here right answer is it, why not them,while it is more one.please explain...

Hello archijais,

'wine' is an uncount noun. As you can see in the explanation on our uncount nouns page, uncount nouns are grammatically singular - that is why 'it' is correct and 'them' is not.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

When do we use "by tomorrow" when talking about the time when something will be finished?

As in the phrase "I'm sorry I haven't finished my essay. It should be finished tomorrow." Would it be correct to say "It should be finished by tomorrow" as well?



The difference is that 'by tomorrow' means 'tomorrow at the latest'. So it could be finished later today or it could be finished tomorrow and the promise would still be true.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks Rob . I have a little problem in pronouncing ( costume ). I always practice it but still not able to pronounce it the correct way . Is it that difficult ?

Hello littlemoon86,

Different sounds and words are difficult for different learners, and it may be that this word is particularly challenging for you.  There will be other words that are easy for you but difficult for learners from other countries with other first languages.

By the way, have you tried using the Cambridge Dictionaries Online link?  Type 'costume' in the Cambridge Dictionaries Online seach window and click 'Look it up!'  Choose 'costume (noun)' and, as well as phonemic transcriptions of the word, you'll see links to the pronunciation in British and American English.  You can click on these to hear the correct pronunciation as a model.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team