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Episode 08

Emily thinks Carolina should go and see Jamie's band play, but Carolina doesn't want to lie to her boss. Jo and Adam talk about the difference between 'good evening' and 'good night'.

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  • Have you ever said that you were sick so that you could miss work or school? Did your boss, teacher or parents find out?
  • Or maybe you think it's better to tell the truth, like Carolina did. Please write and tell us!

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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Like Carolina I prefer to say the truth. I always try to organize for my plans, but sometimes when the dates are incompatibles and it´s so much important my presence in some event, I try to organize with my partners saying the truth.

Hi ,everyone!
I think when you are honest with people they respond you at the same way.
I've never been good at lyies. Perhaps, in some cases they can rescue you from very comfuse situations. But if I was on Carolina's place i would tell the truth on my boss.I'm sure hi will appreciate that, like everyone else, and of course ,he'll help me.

Yes. Very rarely time I said lie to my boss for miss from my job. But I agree with Carolina and I will try to tell the truth. It is easy for mind that without any worries.

hello , i hope you are fine here Pakistan weather is so marvelous. we're really enjoying and i think you too!
so, my question is i don't catch the following sentence.

"you don't look like the law, so that's bought you a minute you better talk fast".
does this mean you are given a minute please explain it. thanks advanced

Hello ahmednagar,

Yes, that is the meaning - 'you have gained yourself a minute, so use it well'.

Please note that generally we cannot answer questions like this about language from other sites or sources. We have limited resouces, especially time, and focus on questions related to our material here on these pages.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

As a doctor, in some situations i must lie to prevent nervous breakdown when i tell the patient about his real disease. i have to manage situations according to the person i deal with.

Hi, I'm from Sri Lanka. It's very interesting to learn through listening exercises here.

Hello! Thanks for this useful podcast!

Good evening! I'm "Jaydo" from Pakistan. Nice to meet you. God bless you!

How do I start the site I want to learn from scratch