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Episode 08

Emily thinks Carolina should go and see Jamie's band play, but Carolina doesn't want to lie to her boss. Jo and Adam talk about the difference between 'good evening' and 'good night'.

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Leave a comment below!

  • Have you ever said that you were sick so that you could miss work or school? Did your boss, teacher or parents find out?
  • Or maybe you think it's better to tell the truth, like Carolina did. Please write and tell us!

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


I think that a little lie is necessary in daily live. If it's going toward good way it's good for instance when I look for a job I lie a bit during the interview. I want to look more professional thats all. It's more interesting when I say that the psychology it is my hobby. The interviewer usually ask curiously Yes realy? and I start talk about few psychological books which I read last time. It's not my passion to be honest but sound great, very cleaver. In relationship trust is important I can't imagine that I teach lie my kids.
Thank you for this strange word favour, I was heard many times but...I wasn't sure when I can use this word.

I think the best lie is the truth.

Yes, I have. More at school than at work. I've said I was sick a lot of times, because I didn't like to get up early. Of course, my parents find out my lies often but not always. Now, I work in a restaurant, and I start working at 2:00 pm so I don't have to lie because of it.

I said that I was sick sometimes, perhaps to avoid an exam, but finally they knew the truth and I stayed too much embarrassed. So, I think it's better to say the truth, no matter the consequences

Usually, I don't like to do shopping, but last month I was in London and I spended my last afternoon in Oxoford street, I bought a lot of things... I love to do shopping in London!!!!!

Hi!. My name is Reza and I'm not new to your lovely podcasts. I've listened to all of them in 3 months and now I'm texting my first comment to you. You're podcasts are very good and really helps me to improve my English. I really miss Gordon the joker (and the producer indeed :) ) and Tom the teacher.
Actually, I told lots of lies in my life and I'm not proud of it. I try not to lie again but sometimes I do. The Persian people of old (I am a Persian) are well known for their honesty, but unfortunately lie have become an ordinary thing among people.

I think instead of "you're podcasts" better to say "your podcasts"..
i agree i miss Gordon too


Hi . Thank you for correcting my sentence . That's very kind of you :)


Thank you very much for your attempt. I can't tell lie because when I tell lie I'll laugh and my eyes shows that I'm telling lie.