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Episode 12

Carolina goes to the river and goes on a rowing boat with Jamie. Adam and Jo talk about difficult aspects of English such as homographs and homophones.

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  • What about you – what's difficult for you in English?
  • Do you agree with Carolina that English spelling and pronunciation 'is impossible!'?
  • And what's easy for you? Do you agree with Jo's students when they say that verbs are easy but prepositions are horrible?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Sorry, but could you please let me know what does Adam mean by the following sentences?
Vocals on a garage track? A new member of One Direction?
Thanks in advance for you valuable support.

Hello corflz

If you are the 'vocals' of a band, it means you sing in the band's music. 'garage' refers to a kind of fast, electronic music in this context. One Direction is the name of a band that was very popular at the time this episode was recorded.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team


What is difficult for me in English?

I've no problems with prepositions. I've watched a youtube video about prepositions from engVid and several video lessons from Anglo-Link.
I also listened to the elementary podcasts without reading them four times and then with reading four times again.

I've heard so much English that I know the most common prepositions in the most common contexts by heart.

So, what is then difficult for me?

Well, when I know the rules and I try to apply them I sometimes/often get them wrong because there is always an exception. But when I use the expression which sounds better to me I usually get them always right.

This happened to me when I had to decide whether to use the adjective or the adverb in a given context (with a gap). I only use the rules when I'm unsure because I don't know the expression by heart.
If I've never heard a word before and I don't know whether it's and adjective or adverb then the rules don't help me at all.

I like English language. I know French and Arabic a bit , and I heard about chinese language so I think it is much easier to learn English, in compare with many other languages.
For example in French when you use a verb, noun, adjective, etc, you should think of using masuline or faminine form. It is funny the masculine and feminine colors and nationalities are different. some countries are female and some are male. some objects are female some are male , male and female animals have different names :D
After all I like French and I like English. I think all the languages in the world are beautiful , but sometimes specially whenever I travel I wish all the people speak the same language, so we shouldn't waste our valuable time to learn languages.

I think that English is easy if we learned from our mistakes and in the same English difficult and need Living

Hi guys,
I Have started Study Englısh for a month but I went to learn englısh in malta for threee months. I justwas speaking two mınute. I dıd not know tense, vocabulary and gramar. I knew three or four words. My level is a poor beginner. I learned to speak englısh a little bit. After I came back in Turkey. I still couldn't learn englısh. I want to learn english so I decided to contınue. I found this website for learn. the website is amazing because you can take according to your level after you can start to study. I promise myself I am going to learn this language because it is important for my businnes life. I want to earn money. I don't want to stay same sitiuation. I want to discover other life. need to learn it. Englısh language is international language. You can use all over the world. We must learn. Even everyone must learn. Take care of yourself.

I started to learn English about 1 year ago. It's difficult to learn a new language, I heard it a lot. For me at first, everything was difficult such as pronunciations, readings, listening or writing in English. It takes me more than 3 hours per day to learn and practice English but I hope I'll learn English in 3 years. I started with listening to learn English podcasts from series 1. In this first year I could listen to about 52 podcasts.
To my mind, a new language is a fantastic communication bridge with other people all over the world. We all are human and we must participate to make a better world to live.

Hi mostafa taavoni,

You've made great progress! Next year we'll be releasing many new pages in our Skills section and a new podcast series similar to LearnEnglish podcasts, so please keep an eye out for this new content.

Keep up the good work!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I agree Jo's students. I always get confused about prepositions. but there are pictures which explains prepositions on the internet. and you can look and understand easily how prepositions work. and you can get used to it.

I have a very problem to understand English listening to the podcast, videos or films, because there are a lot of words what I don't know or the spelling is the same of other word what don't mean the same. Also with some verb tense, like were and wear, etc.
But I think this website it's useful for improve our English level. It costs me blood, sweat and tears.