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Episode 18

Carolina and Emily don't seem to be enjoying the end-of-year party, but Adam and Jo enjoy talking about 'everyone' and informal ways of saying 'How are you?'

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Intermediate: B1


I think jokes are funny, when positive, interesting person is telling them.It is much interesting than jokes from boring people.

Hello everyone,
I really love jokes and here's my best joke:

A woman once owned two dogs. The first one was called 'fashion' and the other was 'new'.

She once wanted to take a bath and told them to bring her the towel when she finishes. After she finished, she asked them to bring the towel. They went to bring it, but they didn't know where it was. They went out to the street. She knew that they were outside and wouldn't bring the towel, so she went out of the bathroom and put the towel on her body and went out to look for them in the street. She said, "neeew. Faashion" and repeated that all the time until she found them. They all went back home.

The next morning she went out and found all people wearing towels.

Hello Zara, you are terrible joker. i read all people jokes but i like your joke.

I have many jokes but I will tell you only one. For me this joke is my favorite.
There are husband and wife. The husband really stingy to the wife. And before the husband die, he said to the wife that please put all my money with me to coffin. and then true the husband die before the wife. In the funeral day, there were good conversation between friend of the wife and the wife
The friend: Do you put his all money to the coffin?
The wife: yes.
the friend said: Are you stupid and crazy?
The wife: I'm not stupid. I took all his money to my bank and I gave him cheque to the coffin.

Hello everyone,
I am very bad on telling jokes.I remember one from Gordon in series one about a chicken who went to a library, and said to the librarian book book ..... I loved this one and I miss Gordon jokes , navi was also good on telling jokes.

its very intersting keep going

I was the most 'Outstanding' student in could always see me standing outside the classroom :p

Hi everyone,

This is time's joke. Listen to this one:

A child, standing in front of the mirror, closed the eyes. His father wondered and asked him: What are you doing in front of the mirror blindly? And the child answered: I want to see how I sleep.

I think that telling jokes is a thing connected with the culture you belong to. So, the way an English joke is made differs from an Arabic or African or Chinese one. I could tell a funny Arabic joke translated into English, but maybe English people wouldn't laugh because of culture difference. On the other hand, the character of who tells the jokes plays a major role.

i´ve been listening the podcasts since the beginning , all of you are awesome ... congratulations!!! thaks for helping me to improve my English language skills ...