Les haricots sont bons pour le coeur. Les gens au Royaume-Uni mangent plus de 90% des conserves de baked beans dans le monde. Regardez cette vidéo sur les haricots et faites les exercices.

Faites l'activité de Preparation pour commencer. Ensuite, regardez la vidéo (watch the video), puis allez à Task et faites l'activité. Si vous avez besoin d'aide, vous pouvez lire la transcription (Transcript) à tout moment.

Task 1

Answer the following questions about the video


Task 2

Complete the popular rhyme spoken by Dom at the beginning of the video by typing the missing words into the gaps.


Task 3

Beans on Toast (serves one)

Preparation time: seconds

Cooking Time: 5-8 minutes

Two slices of bread (any type)

Small can baked beans in tomato sauce

  • Put the bread in the toaster or under the grill.
  • Open can of beans and empty into a pan.
  • Heat on low temperature for about 5-8 minutes, stirring regularly.
  • Butter toast and put slices on plate.
  • Pour beans on top of toast. Season to taste - lots of pepper is good.

Spice it up

Spread hummus on the toast before you put the beans on.

Add some grated cheese and jalapeno peppers - the cheese melts and makes it gooey while the peppers give it a bit of a kick.

Add half a teaspoon of curry powder to the beans.

Stir in some Marmite during the heating phase - giving the beans an oomph. About half a teaspoon per full-size can of beans should do the trick. Or add some Worcestershire sauce, though the effect is not so pronounced.

Best for eating

On a tray in front of the telly watching your favourite television programme with a mug of tea.

Ideal time of year

Anytime - all year.

Cultural Note

People in the UK eat over 90% of the world's tinned baked beans. Luckily beans on toast provides a well-rounded, healthy, vegetarian meal - especially if you choose brown bread and beans in low sugar or low salt sauces.

Words from the Recipe

season to taste (exp.) - add salt and pepper to a dish to improve the flavour

hummus (n.) - a Middle Eastern dish made from chick peas and spices

jalapeno peppers (n.) - a small green chilli

gooey (adj.) - soft and sticky

give something a bit of a kick (exp.) - to make something spicy or strong tasting

Marmite (n.) - a spread made from yeast extract, usually eaten on toast, popular in the UK

give something an oomph (exp.) - to give something some extra taste

Worcestershire sauce (n.) - a spicy dark brown sauce used as a flavouring

telly (n.) - a slang word for television



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2