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A job interview

Listen to the job interview to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Advanced: C1


First thing I would do is look at the job offer in detail, skills, knowledge and titles that are mandatory for the candidate.
Secondly I would go onto the company’s website to do a search of relevant information about their characteristics, achievements and philosophy.
Finally I would read over and update my CV and Cover letter to be prepared for possible interview questions.

First, I wonder and solve any possible questions to be asked during the interview. I need to get dressed for success. Then, it is necessary to find out about the company I want to apply to. Then, it is a good idea to prepare suitable clothes, and keep the best attitude for the occasion. Finally, I must sleep well to wake up early and arrive on time.

Some people in the world think that to prepare an interview is one of the most important requires to employe but others disagree. In my estimation, preparing for an interview is very helpful to accept in every company.

The first of all, after my graduation from university, I prepared my self for an interview in the water office. This situation gave me stress, so I decided to improve self- confidence. Before the interview, I found many qualifications to improve any aspects of of the most important aspects is that everyone should pay attention to styles. For instance, in my interview in the water office, the interviewer likes my diplomat suit; because he believes that engineers in any condition should keep their styles; additionally, he told me: first of all every man, in construction area, chooses your personality from your style and decides that what kind of meritorious manners is better for you. Thus, I could attract his positive ideas about my style.

The second, I would like to illustrate is that Before the interview I found any questions from youtube such as; What's your idea about the job? , What's your experience? and How many skills in the computer area? etc. So, when I had free time, I only practiced these questions. they were very useful for me because I could answer correctly for the interviewer.

For those aforementioned reasons, If anyone has an important interview, he should prepare himself for any questions and conditions. In my perspective, when everyone has an interview, appreciate any time to win before losing them.

For the interview I prepare the following , Good CV , good appearance , all my qualification certificates , all my training certificates and study the nature of the hiring company .

To be honest, I've never prepared for an interview, I'm always been improvising on my way, but after I listened to this audio and the way Maria take control over the interview, I have to say that it's crucial to be prepared before an interview, especially by answering key possible questions. One thing that you should consider is to response in a concise and clearly way.

When it comes to preparing for a job interview there are several factors that affect the impression that you'll give to the interviewer,being that, overall a interview is an assessment of either your professional and personal skills within a work field regardless the position. From the way you dress to the way in which you express yourself are important, none of them outweigh others; therefore i'ts necessary to find a balance. Many people hang on to the surface, without taking into account corporal language, which, by the way, is one of the most important factors believe it or not,
Regarding the preparation it's a good excercise to make a list of the questions that are most likely to be asked and write your responses about them in such a way that you'll have a clearer perspective; finally as a general rule I'd say that at the moment of the interview, make sure of speaking the truth and avoid learning lines.

I have completed the following lessons of A job interview, Introverts – redressing the balance, and Innovation in business. The level that I chose was Advance C1 Listening.

I always prepare for interviews. Firstly, I write any questions which I can ask about future job. Secondly, I choose suitable clothes for the interview because the first impression is very important.

I'm a 17-year-old Student and I haven't ever had an interview so I haven't prepare for any. But something that I've learnt hearing my partners is that, as a matter of fact, the effort you do ought to start before you go to send your Curriculum Vitae regardless what job are you applying for, it means that you should be aware of every trait that could affect both innerly and outerly, as for instance the way in which you're wearing, how are you going to introduce yourself; all in order to make a good impression.

Before one day of the interview ; firstly, I wirte all expected questions and prepare strong and convincing answers for them . Secondly, I wake up earlly to be ready and calm and choose suitable clothes for that .