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Birthday parties

Listen to a conversation about birthday parties between three friends to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Advanced: C1


In my hometown people rarely to make birthday parties. They believe it is a bad idea to make a party for someone just because he was born in that day, also I think for financial reasons. My grandfathers hadn't been celebrated in this day.

I doubt if I enjoy celebrating my birthday. The first reason is that I do not like being at the centre of the attention, especially when I have not done anything important. I mean it is a date of the calendar that repeats once a year even if I am the worst human being on the earth. Furthermore, I have hard time to convince myself that my birthday is an important event for a celebration. Therefore, I find it a day like other days of the year in the calendar! My mother tried a few times to motivate me to go for it but she could not succeed. Finally, she gave it up observing my lack of motivation!

In my country, birthdays aren't often taken so seriously. Whenever some people of different ages don't want to celebrate their birthday, it's up to them. I wouldn't mind really.

i think birthday is not the terrible thing that we should carry about, the idea is to make people happier and much connected to each other; besides the blessing moments that couldn't be forgotten later

I don't like birthdays overall,neither celebrate my own birthday nor someone's else,I think birthdays are embarrassing,I'd rather stay at home like a normal day.

overally, as far as I'm concerned, celebrating my birthday is something I comdemn partially, being that it plunges me into the pressure of the self-assessment of my value as person.
Since I have always neglected my social life, I ended up with a lack of social skills which doesn't allow me to arouse someone's interest. I can't help but feeling miserable when seeing how I've been getting the label of "embittered" over time, thus, assesing such prospects, I had no other choise but endorsing it.
Therefore, when it comes to celebrating my own birthday I just tell my family that I'll celebrate it with my friends, and instead, I go to a little patch I have as my hiding place and take a while just listening to music and reflecting about my life.

I have completed the following lessons of A Job Interview, A Project Management Project, and Birthday Parties. The level that I chose was Advanced C1 Listening

As far as my birthday celebration is concerned, it was never celebrated. Culturally my family wasn't aware of such celebration when I was born in 1995. Being a middle class family, my parents spent their time in villages, I think this may have been the reason. However, we live in a city now

I'd like to celebrate my birthday with my husband. We go to the restaurant, eat delicious food and drink our favourite drinks. Sometimes I try to have a vacation for this day.

I realise that listening exercise harder than writing exercise which is I must be fully focus listening the task and writing the point to understand what they are talking about and to answer the questions.