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Introverts – redressing the balance

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I consider myself an introvert person. It is so true what she says. The way she describes both the labor and the educational system. I think there is still a lot to be changed. I hope someday we learn to respect one each other because as she said the future is complicating and we will need leaders who really know how to find solutions and for this to be achieved both introvert and extroverts are needed.

I think, the borders between introverts and extroverts are not so obvious. An introvert could be in the center of a party and an extrovert is able to create amazing thing alone as well. The main difference between them is their energy-gaining method. Extroverts need people around them, they charge themselves from impulses of their environment and relationships. In contrast, introverts can find the recreation in a creative activity such as writing, painting, analyzing something and so on. Nevertheless I agree with that our western culture is better for extroverts. For instance, team building activities in most companies are terrible for introverts and HR experts should be aware of that.

I am an introvert

I always thought that I am an introvert person, because my personality lean more to introverts characteristics . I am shy and do not feel comfortable when I am with a lot of people .So I do have some friends, but I am not interested in making many friendships, and prefer to be with a few .

Am more of extrovert.

This page is so good because the explanation of each topic is clear and consice, the exercise are a good complement of the topic, and help you to practice and to learn faster.

In my opinion, introvert and extrovert, following the line of Yung's psychological types are processes .... The introvert has its energy turned inward and the extroverted outward. It can be said that the introverted type would be that person who needs to turn to his inner world and explore it, because his references are there.
While the extrovert type experiences in its external world the referential elements that it needs.
This does not mean that the introvert is shy and the extrovert is communicative. Within this perspective, I believe that I have a tendency towards the introverted process.

In my opinion I am somewhere in the middle of this scale. I think that a lot of people are in the same position. It's impossible to be only extrovert or introvert.
But it is very important to understand your weakest points and make all which possible to improve them or to use them when they are mostly needed. I mean that sometimes it is vitally important to act as introvert. You have to clearly understand it. Especially when you need to contemplate and not to make a bad decision. Sometimes you have to tell your extrovert part: "Act. Be the leader!" and sometimes you have to tell: "Be quite. Don't interrupt my introvert part!". In my opinion it is a big part of emotional intelligence to clearly understand it. Without it is impossible to act and make right decisions. Don't try always to be an extrovert!

I think I'm more introvert, I prefer to stay at home, rarely I go outside with friends and when I do it I go only with close friends, I'm really bad at making friends because I don't talk to people if they don't talk to me first, also I don't like to express my feelings I'm not a person who often say to his friends or family that I love them or something I just assume that they know, high key I don't like to be in the spotlight so I hate speaking in front of public, I'm capable of doing it and I think that most of the time I do it well, however, I still hate it

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