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Tech addiction

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I don't think I'm addicted to social media or smartphone, but nowadays I just use it from necessity... ;)

unfortunately, this tendency has been exacerbated even more because of the virus pandemic we are going through.
I don´t wish to be a negative person but I am 100 % sure that the worse is yet to come. We will see a dramatic increase in the rate of people suffering from mental health issues, especially in kids.

Unfortunately , I will describe myself as someone who is addicted to technologies, but I am trying to reduce this habit by spending more time doing things that are more beneficial to me, like doing sport ,or reading different books, and things like that . Also, I have been trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on my phone. So everyday I try to spend less hours and actually, this is really difficult ,but I think if you are persistent and motivated enough, you will be able to make this change .

Not so much. I think I can control myself.
(ง ´͈౪`͈)ว

No. But, with a focus I uses both.

I am not addicted to social media or smarphones.

Ok Boomer

I purchased my first smartphone last year after a long resistance against buying one. I had observed how people get addicted to continuously look at their smartphones in family or other gatherings. Honestly, I did not like it at all.

As a person spending most of the day time in my office in front of my computer I used to appreciate my calm evenings without a smartphone! I was looking at it as a great benefit :-) However, I could not resist much given the numerous services that are only available via mobile applications! Finally, I bought one and I keep checking my email or reading news updates at any chance that I get in the evenings. I must confess that I also enjoy using so many services that are purely available using smartphones, these days :-)

I want an iPad!

honestly, iam addicted to a smart phone especially to a common disease called Facebook, it took alot of time to just scroll on news feed without any attention to the posts i scrolled
it's just a habit