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An interview about listening skills

Listen to the English teacher talk about listening to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


To help with listening I am trying to listen audios and video in English , sometimes with subtitles to understand general meaning! And I am watchind some serials or films in original to understand english accent!

In this case, to be honest, I have a lot of problems with listening. Now in this step, I always listen to audios about two or three times, then I get the whole concept of subject, but there are still some words or phrases that I cannot catch easily.
In my opinion, listening to radio programs or TV programs, movies, audios, and podcasts are very useful and experimental. Finding a native speaker who can talk to us every day is the most effective way to improve and expand our listening and other skills. Unfortunately, I cannot find a person who help me in English. I hope that one day I will travel to countries where English is spoken as a native language or whose people mostly speak English. My English, especially listening skill, will improve very soon.

I think that to repeat listening to English CD or English video helps us to improve our listening skill. And if I can talk with a native speaker of the language any time, I should talk with the person more actively, I think.
Because my ears are going to become used to listen an English sentences.

That is correctly hard situation. I am mentioning that listening need to pay attention as soon as you can best. Otherwise you won't achieve your daily goals. I think the best way to improve your listening skills is to join social networking and events. For example the theater is a good solution. While you are listening, you should catch the verbs. And rest of sentences you can pretend easily. For this purpose you must learn all of the verbs.

I have the same problems as the interviewer. I have been so upset not to understand people's conversation. I listen to BBC radios and watch English film as much as I can. Wish I will know everything in English one day!

Listen to audios and watch videos

I think if I practice and talk a lot, with diferentes peoples or natives, maybe i will get to undertand and learn diferentes acents, but some people speak very speed, I try to watch videos on youtube, take difentes videos like ellen Degenres, I listened some people really learn earing this videos, whatever i goin to try and I invit someone who want to practice with me

I definitely agree with the second technique, summarising the dialogue.Catching the key messages helps me to understand more even someone says fast.I think we can more easily translate their words with the right definition if we're familiar with their accents.

Sometimes I listen to music or watch movies from different anglo-countries because has multiple accents and vocabularies that I have to understand.

Listening is dificult also because of the diferent accent.