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Four conversations

Listen to four conversations to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Pre-intermediate: A2


Hello fahri,

'You are remember' is not grammatically correct. Normally we just say 'you remember', but when we want to emphasise the action, we can use 'do' with the verb. Here when the man says 'you do remember', it shows that he thought that maybe the woman had forgotten about her boyfriend.

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I think people nowadays always taking too many photos that not necessary, they don't look at it after, they don't have much value. When hanging out with my friends, sometimes I feel tired because they take all the time to take a photo to post in social media instead to talk with each other

I have conversations about old photos with my family. I often chat on telegram canal sending or getting old photos from or to my friends.
I didn't learn any new words as all of them are familiar to me.

Of course, I had some conversations on these topics. I've been on plenty of job interviews and discuss them with my friends and family. And I also tried to see Mona Lisa and also failed, actually. You just can't come nearer because of the crowd. And yeah, I think we take too many photos on our holidays. And then, after returning, we look at them at the most ones or twice. I used to take tons of photos in my past travelings but now I prefer to enjoy the moment of relaxation but not being a photographer only.
However, I like to view some old photos. It's funny how we change through time.

Yes, I had a similar conversation about taking a photo when traveling. taking a photo is great, but first, we need to enjoy the view before it. it may be our last chance to come to those places, so we need to memories that beautifully.

Yes, I already had a similar conversation but in my native language and also learned new phrases.

well, I had the same conversation like the third one with my roomate yesterday. We showed our old school and classmates together. It is great to look back these memories.

Yes, I had a conversation similar too the second one. And, I think the same about taking a lot of photos. We'd better enjoy our moments than just try to take photos or videos to show them to people or post them on social media. Well, a few photos for the family or friends to remember the good time spent together are fine but when you are always going around with the camera or the phone in hands taking photos instead of appreciating your holidays and having fun, it simply does not make sense.

Yes, I've had similar conversation, specially, A,B and D. I learned new phrase it's Who did it go ?

Yes,I’ve had a similar conversation. I learn some new phrases: Really? ,What happens? ,Gotcha, That’s interesting, Right, Pardon?....