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Four conversations

Listen to four conversations to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


yes, i already had this kind of conversation with my parents or my friends. i've learn a lot in this coneversation, because at the moment i'm trying to study english by myself and i hope that i will be able to improve my level.

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Yes, I have. But my conversation wasn't in English. A few weeks ago, I looked at pictures that I took them when I was at the University. My brother asked many questions about them, for example. He said: you were a little overweight and so younger when you were in the University. I also explained some pictures of mine and my friends.
I learned some, for example, I didn't know "I know" uses when we are going to say something or let's see, and so on.

Yes, l have had conversation like these before, with same difference. Hmmm, errrr, umm, these are new phrases for me.

Yes, I had the same conversation,

Yes, I have this type of conversation, especially after a job interview, and remembering people with a relative.

Every one has simular conversation. I wonder for people why they not enjoy the pictures. The art must be evaluate not take as photo. About my situations i often have as conversation C. Very rarely we look at the paper photo my is a lot of them gigital.

Yes, I’ve had a lot of Similar conversation. Interview, conversations with my friends about holiday, school issues and stuff...
I learned new expressions like : no way, let’s see.

Yes,I had.I usually say “I see”, “Really?” and so on.
I learned new phrases: “I mean …”, “No way!”.

Yes, I had. The new phrases I had learned includes: let's see, I mean, no way and I know.