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Instructions for an assignment

Listen to a university teacher giving instructions for an assignment to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


In the first times, I always got in trouble with formatting my essays. But days by days, I practised it by many projects, essays and assignments, I am better doing it now. In the present, my most difficulty is preparing the essay contents. In this part, we have to brainstorm and work hard, the other part we can learn it or reference it from some e-source.

A difficulty was in my font and how to get reference and quotes

The first difficulty is to concentrate well and think about ideas, then how to structure them the right way. Sometimes, it is a bit tricky to turn ideas into sentences especially if you have to write it in a foreign language that you don't master. Another thing is the time. Time is used to be my ennemy, I 'm slow in organizing my ideas and writing. Usually, I need to use a draft and copy it on the exam paper.

I can write an essay by Arabic it seems easy, but in English, I think it's will be full of mistakes needs someone help me

i have some difficulties in writing, because i don't have much vocabulary and i also don't know how to organize my ideas.

Hello Teresa. Would you like to practice English with me?

If I write essays in the native language it's very easy for me. I need only some time to do it. But I'm not ready to write essays in English because I know English grammar not enough and my vocabulary isn' too rich. Unfortunately, I make pretty simple sentences and it isn't a very good style.

I think writing essays it's so difficult for me, I must to have a vocabulary too much, grammar and references too. writing essays is need reserachs a lot.

In my view, writing an essay or assignment for college and school is not very difficult. When I was a student, I wrote many essays. But in an academic research, it will be hard to write. There are many important things or points to be noted. First of all, we should be free from all kinds of judgments and should use academic norms and terminologies which maintain many different types of methods and epistemologic approaches from one field to another. Secondly, we should study hard to find a good theory that can explain our subject. Thirdly, we must collect a lot of data and analyse them based on our theory which is accepted by our research. Finally, after all these things, time is to make a deduction. We should carefully compare our data with our presumptions and answer to questions/ problem adequately.
Indeed, writing an essay is not very difficult, if we have enough sources and time. We should work hard, and it will not be easy, if we don't want to sustain any discomfort.

Writing an esáy is diìcult for me , because i need have know grammar, know many vocabulary and must find ideas to explain to my main idea