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A business interview

Listen to the business interview to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


Interesting reading. In the course of the years I used many resources for learning diferents things such as internet, classroom courses, on-line courses and among others. However the most impotart is how determinated you are to learn something new and how useful is in your life. In these day I use a lot of apps and websites like this to learning english.
I wish you the best of luck to all you!


I don´t use ant app, but I use other way my favorites are British Council page and TED AX

ı can't remember my favorite app, because ı lost my phone 2 weeks ago but ı think the snap-tube is the best app ı have ever seen in terms of downloading videos and music

I don't have a favourite app for learning. I want to improve my english and I'm always searching for a good way to do it. I was using Duolingo and after some research, I found the british council site. A friend already told me about the site a long time ago but I forgot. And finally, recently I found the site.

I use a german site for practice some subjects in English. You can choose what you want to practice and you can find lots of tests to do with answers at the end. Also, there are crosswords and other type of resources.

My favoriye app is Engilsh Radio in which we can find different sections. There are many station radios options from divers English speaking countries. However, there is a section about ietls essays and you can chat with people worldwide. So, English radio app come out a excelent tool to learn English.

Babbel is my favourite app for learning. It's very popular and useful.

That's very kind of you , it's really fantastic , by the way I've an application that I do love learning from, it's called Duolingo so it helps me a lot on improving my listening and writing skills and then I wish I could do something similar thing in order to help my community as I am leaving in a backward country so many students don't have anyone to support them with their homework, whenever they are given a task at school , they come to me and ask for a help .

My favourite app for learning is Math Wizz for primary school pupils. This app is game based learning and is really fun. My daughters use it to improve their Maths skills. The strategies to solve problems are very well explained and easy to understand. Before I found it difficult to help them because I worked full time and came home tired. Everyone ended up being frustrated when I tried to help as I didn't understand the way they learned at school and the strategies the teachers use these days.