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A digital detox podcast

Listen to the podcast about doing a digital detox to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


The audio in the podcast is not working, Does anybody know why?

Hi marciacriollo,

Sorry to hear that the audio is not working :(

I've just tested it on my computer, and it's working for me. It may have been a temporary problem.

Is the audio still not working for you? If it's not working, is it only this audio, or are other audios in the Listening section also not working?

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The LearnEnglish Team

Definitely. The digital detox is what I need sometimes. I have to admit I spend a lot of time in front of screens of my laptop, desktop, and smartphone. Ok, I need my computer to learn English, Polish, and programming at home. You can't learn anything without the internet nowadays. I spent several hours every day studying. But, I also look at my screen (mostly smartphone) without any reason. I don't know why. It's a kind of a bad habit now, you always feel you need to check something on your phone: some new notifications or a newsfeed on Facebook or Tweeter or other social networks.
And it's not something you can't live without just another bad habit like smoking or swearing.
Sometimes I tell myself to reduce my online time but with the mixed result so far, if the truth to be told ;)
Maybe I need to read a good motivating book or find a new passion to take up my time to avoid gadgets.
I don't know what else to say about that ... maybe I should check my Facebook to fill this awkward pause ))

To be honest l do that every day when I was on my work or sit next to me any one, but l use it when l feel boring .

I would definitely love it, I have done it before, sometimes it's difficult but you realize there are so many better and real reasons to put attention to your world that you find it easier, it's like if you lived more :D

Unfortunately, all our generations is contaminated of this.where will we go?

Of course I would! I am already doing that every summer - reading books and swimming instead of surfing on the net!

I think that it's really important to take a break from our devices. During this lockdown, we have spent a lot of time in front of all screens, it was a good opportunity to stay in touch with far friends or family, but I used this time to switch off my phone, tv and social in order to get more spare time for my passions. And it was incredible because I felt that I was in the right way. I had time for myself. Of course, we were closed at home, but the hours flew away. I missed that. Right now, I come back to normal life, but I turn off all notifications from my phone and I tried to use social less to keep on my personal projects.

Yes, I do.
it's a great idea too me, i set long time on the screens.

For me ,actually i don’t need to do digital detox because I can control myself and realize how much time I spend using my phone, I connect to social media only when I have free time otherwise I have to do many other useful things such learning English , reading books and doing exercises