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A digital detox podcast

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My life is full of digital tox.
I have to work in front of the computer from 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday, sometimes Monday to Saturday.
And then, I play my smartphone after work until 00:00 everyday.
On weekends, I play smartphone all the time even when I am eating until I go to sleep in 00:00.
I will be dead if I don't do a digital detox.
My life is too crazy...

Yes, I would definitely like. I spend about 7 hours per day in front of a screen. Some of them are mandatory due to they are study hours, but the other ones are expendable. I think I should change my habit because my eyes are getting tired more and more. I began by putting my phone in silent mode and I should continue by stopping using the phone from certain hours, such as 21 p.m.
Cheers from Madrid.

I don't have a mobile phone, just laptop

Actually I do it from time to time. Usually, I switch off the internet and stay accessible only for calls, which means who really need me they can call me.

A personal goal is detox of social media, three months ago I disconected fo facebook by one month and I can say it was so relax, I could connected with another things and it helped me because i did many things wich I postponed, I will do it again

Definitely. In my work as a teacher, we have completely transformed from the face-to-face interaction into an online platform, I find that I spend most of my day in front of the screen to prepare for my lecture, to deliver them, attend meetings and accomplish other tasks, which take up to 10 hours of my day. After that, in the evening, I feel the need to catch up with my social media updates, communicate with my friends and watch movies or series before I sleep. So in totality, I am in front of my screen the entire time I am awake. This is something I really want to change from my daily activities. I want to take a break from my screens because I really think that this will have a negative impact on my health sooner or later.

Yes. I have tried digital detox alot of times and it's been a wonderful experience.

I have read the text, and honestly, I haven't understood what can be a digital detox. I looked at other comments then I have gradually caught the meaning of the context.
I would like to say the internet is being a part of our life, but I feel also that it is not good 24 hours to be on the internet seeing as the physical movement of people would be shrunk. Even, our mobile phones are connected to the internet and every one of us is dedicated our time to them. We have been killing our time with it. It seems to be involving unnecessary things. I would also turn off my notifications on my mobile phone. However, it would be automatic appearing some alerts such as buzz, throughout it will be news.
As a digital detox, can we add also what's up the apple program of our mobile phone? I am saying because of turning off it.

i don't think i am ready to do digital detox now but maybe in the future who knows

I wouldn't like to do a digital detox because when I turn off my phone notifications, I really forget my phone, sometimes when work turns too bored I take it to watch my instagram and stuffs, but I think I can keep under control by other hand I always using my computer to study or work so I need it, maybe leave all those screens behind and take some vacations, use just and old phone just to receive calls and forget all technology for a while.