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A digital detox podcast

Listen to the podcast about doing a digital detox to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Upper intermediate: B2


I would definitely like a digital detox. I think I need it sometimes.

Yes, i would like to do a digital detox at least for one day evrey week. I think it is good to leave the devices for short time evrey week.

I would LOVE to do some digital detox.

I am nowadays always at home (due to COVID), so my phone is always there for me, when I reach out my hand. I've found out that I am not able to focus on one activity without checking my phone, I am not even able to finish reading one book without starting reading another book. I have read an article, that our brain is little by little used to check various stuff by browsing Facebook or Instagram, but never staying on one, and this causes being not able to focus on one thing in everyday life.

After listening this podcast, I decided to spend this weekend without internet. Wish me luck.:))

Yes. I would, even though am already used to it.

I think that making a digital detox could be a fun expirience, it could give me time to focuse on the people close to me that I have neglected because i was playing games or spending too much time on sosical media, maybe even talk to people i dont know instead of looking at my phone all day long.

Certainly, I would like to try this one day with a friend. I think it would be a great change for my life since I am always using my phone and I really hate this habit of mine .

do you think putting a coma in the second sentence is necessary

Hi yoyoraw,

I don't think a comma is essential, but I think it would help to make the sentence easier to read and would improve the style. You could put a comma between life and since, or between phone and and.

Commas are often used in this way. They help to break up the sentence and guide the reader as to where the sense units are. In speech we do this with pauses and changes of tone. On the page we use punctuation to achieve it.



The LearnEnglish Team

alright, thank you

I really don't use social media a lot, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, so on. However, I get annoyed when people are chatting while I am saying something and I have to say the same again and again because their mobile phones distract them. I think that their mobile phones is controlling people.

Well, I think the Internet gives us several opportunities to learn all the time, but I also think that we have become superficial and instead of using all these amazing tools, we only spend hour after hour on social media. In this way, I would like to do a digital detox from social media, but not from other websites.