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A Plastic Ocean: a film review

Read a review of the film 'A Plastic Ocean' to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

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Actually, I don't like documentaries but my sister likes so much. That's why sometimes I watch some of them. My favorite is 25 Litre. I would definetely recommend this. It is about how we can protect our water and reuse it. It's on National Geografics. In fact, I am bored when I am watching documentaries but it isn't boring. You can trust me.:) Have a look, it is absoluately important for everyone and also a good TV show.

The damage we've done to the environment is quite enormous, not just limited in the plastic-consuming area. Other problems such as deforestation, exhaust fumes increasing,... are gradually killing Mother Earth. "Before the flood" also has a great demonstration of this. Our extensive emission of chemicals such as CFC, CO2,... has created the dilemma-global warming whose effects are greatly dangerous. Not only this is reflected in the film but also many other matters are, too. So just watch it and I promise you it'll be worth your time.

I don't see a lot of these kind of movies but I know that the world is suffering because of using ginormous of plastic and I am concerned. It isn't just hurting mother nature but also animals. I am agree that we need to push government and society harder abandoning plastic for good. We need to move forward and protect our world and living things.

Hello everyone!

I'd like to recommend you a movie "The true cost". It's the movie that can make you think about real cost of clothes.

It illustrates the devastating impact of the modern fashion industry on the countries of the third world and our lives.

Spoiler alert: just a simple dress can destroy marine life in some meaning.

We now produce a staggering amount of clothes every single day. An we throw away the same amount every day. Our consumerism that swallows our money, time and happiness also forces the people of India, Africa and other places work for 10 dollars/month.

The movie "The true cost" is worth your attention. Just watch it.

Hi i liked the course very much so this part of the course getting hard for me to understand because my level of English was lower before it helped me lot even though I could do with some help to understand these parts much appreciated

I highly recommend watching "Man on Wire". It's about Philippe Petit who performed an incredible act: He walked across the twin towers of New York on a high wire rigged between the two buildings. although he was arrested after 1-hour dancing on there he is truly inspiring is summed up in one statement
Anything is possible if you put all of your heart into your goal and refuse to give up!!"

I don’t really look much into the documentary films but I could recommend 一条 or we can call it “Yit” on youtube. It talks about the unique things of Chinese Lifestyle, in many sort of different way. What I like the most is when they talk about the architectural/Interior project that has been done in Asia. The channel itself has a very diligent way to shoot a scenes and represent the topic into amazing contents.

Hello everyone!
I would recommend a documentarie about disease problems, diet, food industrie. "What The Health" It is really good film. :)


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