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A2 elementary: Buying new shoes

In this video Sam's looking for some new trainers. Will they have the size and colour that he wants? 

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and follow the instructions to practise your speaking.

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Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


my shoes size is 10. I usually wear balck, comfortable shoes. but when i take a walk , i wear sneakers.
I love sandals very much and I try to wear them in home.

I likes black trainers. I'm usually buy size 8. I always get the colour of trainers that I want.

I’m not wearing shoes now because I’m on bed trying to sleep but usually l prefer trainers really they are comfortable

I'm wearing white sneakers. I knew all these phrases but hadn't practice with them.

I'm wearing a pair of pink plastic slippers now because it is in summer and I'm at home. I always like to wear trainers because they are light and comfortable in daily life. I have a pair of blue trainers, the bottoms are very soft. You know I've bought them for my son initially but his feet were fatter than the bottoms. Now they are mine, but a bit too big for me.
trainers, a bit too big are the phrases learned from the conversation. And other words, such as, slippers, sandles are learned in comments of other people.

I like the black comfortable shoes.

I like blue shandale I usually wear it and this conversation is so simple and cool to learn Language.

I'm wearing a green white sandal because I'm at home.

I'm wearing black shoes

I have black comfortable shoes