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Learn how to write posts on an online forum.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text


Can you believe it? Someone in another group asked me to write some pages of their website in English and French. But they can't pay because 'I'm starting this business with no money.' He said he's a professional photographer and he can do some photos for me instead. Am I wrong to be angry?


Nope! I’d be angry too


I can't help but here's the link to a friend's website. He is a French–English writer and translator


Er … asking people to work for free … not cool!


^^^ This!


Oops! I thought you were looking for someone. Sorry for the misunderstanding smiley


I can't pay my rent with photographs, sorry




True, but professional photos cost a lot of money, especially if you're getting married. Sorry I don't speak French or I would do it cheeky


Here's a link to his photography if anyone wants the job As you can see the website needs some work … wink


@Mylo45 Maybe, but people always ask writers to work for free #PayMe


Yep, if I need photos OK but I prefer to get paid with money


1. Writing in online forums is more like speaking.

2. You don’t have to put full stops (.) at the end of sentences.

3. Use ^^^ to show you’re talking about the post above yours.

4. Use @ and a person’s name to show clearly who you’re replying to.

5. You can use emojis.  cool

6. Stay calm and be polite. Some people get angry in online discussions but try to avoid that.



Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Yes.I like large-scale discussions. There are some advantages. First, the fact that there are many people means that there are many opinions. You may come up with a good idea that you cannot think of. In fact, I've had this kind of experience. You can also vote for a large number of people, so you can even distinguish things equally. However, if there is a time limit, the speaking time of each person may be shorter as the number of people increases, and it may be difficult to hear the opinions of all. If you consider it, a small group discussion is recommended. The small group discussion allows you to discuss the details in a one-on-one manner, so you can discuss until you are satisfied with each other. Recently, the number of online discussions has increased, and I was wondering "Is it possible to conduct solid discussions through a computer?" However, I could see the face and hear the voice on the computer, so I was able to discuss safely. All in all, the debate itself is a very valuable meeting where you can learn about different ideas and opinions. So I wanted everyone to have a positive discussion.

Yep, I often join discussion forums while prticipating in webinars. Like it

I wish you good luck

New type of given task,
Good job

That is not joke. I've already done that task 5 times :)))

No, I don't join forums

It is a good job. I enjoyed it.

I like joining online discsussion It helps me to imrove my writing skill

Frankly speaking, I don't join any forums, I prefer reading them than writing, it is interesting for me to see what people think of particular subjects, stereotypes are different, sometimes I agree with several opinions

I join discussion forums, because they are funny and also they give up so informations. At the stuations of discussion we can say our opinions freely. Others can say own opinions freely, too. Finally, everybody can speak freely and explain own opinions. Beauty is this.

hurray beauty!