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An advert

Learn how to write an advert.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text

Sofa for sale

This gorgeous brown sofa made by is excellent quality and extremely comfortable. It is in immaculate condition (see photo) and comes with a 25-yr guarantee. Material is cotton and it has a cool modern feel.

Cushion covers are all removable and machine washable, with a quality foam filling, and it's super comfortable. Keeps its shape when you sit on it. The dark-coloured wooden legs can be easily removed to allow the sofa to fit through a standard doorway.

No wear and tear as we've only had it for two years and kept it in good condition. Sofa comes from a smoke-free, pet-free home. Only selling it due to moving house as the new place isn't big enough for the sofa.

Sofa measurements:

  • Width: 182 cm
  • Overall height: 81 cm
  • Height without legs: 63 cm

Any questions, feel free to ask. Asking price: £250. **For collection ONLY**


  1. Keep the advert short, with clear paragraphs or bullet points.
  2. Include description of the material, style, size/measurements and condition.
  3. Say if the item must be collected or if you can deliver it.
  4. You can leave out certain words to make sentences shorter, e.g. Selling due to moving house instead of I am selling … .



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


I think buying or selling secondhand things online is good way of shopping. There are many merits buying or selling secondhand things online. One is easy. Many people are busy, so they don’t have much time for selling or buying. Selling or buying online is easy, people can buy or sell things in house if they haven’t much time for go to shopping. Furthermore, buying or selling secondhand things is economic. If someone throw used things away and if someone buy expensive new things, it is not bad, but it is wasteful and not economic. If someone sell secondhand things cheaper than original price and someone buy it and use, it is economic. In this way I think buying or selling secondhand things online is good, but there is demerit. There is individual difference recognize about secondhand things. Seller think this secondhand thing is clean almost brand new, but buyer think it is dirty after actually thing arrive. Like this, actually things arrive, it is worse than buyer think is problem. I think it is demerit, but I still think the way of shopping is good. I think way of shopping like this will be increase.

No. But, some people still prefer it.

Secondhand things are now being buying and selling than ever before due to virtual connectivity. Both buyer and seller get their advantages through this process. The later gets money, less than the actual price, instead of unused or broken, while the former receive product at a cheaper rate than actual. However, online secondhand things buying or selling has some demerits.

Many online sites have been available to sell or buy products. Many reasons such as, for house movement, updated product, urgent money needed at crisis moment people want to sell their product. They take an online site as a platform to expose, sell, and deliver it. Various pictures of product have been uploaded on the online site. On the other hand, some people are always seeking secondhand products to buy at a cheaper rate. Similarly, they also use an online site too. Thus, both buyer and seller take advantage of online secondhand shopping

However, deception has been seen as a common thing nowadays during product selling and buying. Some sellers try to obscure the defects of their products and show their products in good condition over the surface. Generally, a buyer buys a good quality product by observing over the surface. But, he/she got frustrated when he/she realized that it was a defective product. So this activity causes mistrusted many buyers, which is a big loss for the online secondhand product transfer market.

Overall, online secondhand things buying or selling is a good thing if buyers will remain honest in his/her position.

I think buying second hand stuff online is a good way to shop if you do this carefully. You should be sure that the page you are shopping on is trustworthy, and if possible, don't pay until you have verified the product. To sell, I think it is a good and easy option, because online you can find the buyer who needs exactly what you are selling faster.

Yes I do think that the online is a perfect way to buy or sell goods . Because you can reach many customers. Also you can add photos to the goods you sell.

Nowadays, digital marketing is one of the necessary for our lifestyle. So, secondhand things are bought or sold better in an online manner.

Digitalisation truly changed our lifestyle and we must accept it. I would say online sale of furniture makes life easier for us. But that is not only argument why online sale is worthy way of shopping.
While older generation is conservative about computer world and its revolution, one should accept that online shoppig saves our time. We do not waste time by going from one website to another, just by navigating websites we can find favourite furniture. Similarly, we can easily sell furniture just by posting photos of items that we want to sell and adding good add. Added that sometimes even delivery also included to price of furniture, one should accept that online sales is much more sensible way of shopping. Still one should not risk spending good sum of money online, in this case 250£ is a bit excessive to pay in the internet as risk of online fraud and spam is not excluded. I would rather meet with seller before payment operations.

I would say that it is one way of shopping. It might require a little more attention to detail about the item’s condition so that we wouldn’t end up with broken goods.