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The purpose of an Explanation is to demonstrate or develop understanding of the object of study, and the ability to describe and/or account for its significance.


hi peter

i would like to mention about myself that's what i could understand what did you sad and i could also read well, but when i try to speak English with someone then i will be nervous and scared out myself, is it my Confidence problem? may i know about that? please help me and give me your subjection.

Hi vishak,

I'm not sure what I can tell you other than the key to developing confidence is practice. You can practise with a partner, of course, but you can also practise by yourself. Try to speak English while you're at home, describing what you are doing or commenting on what you see. If you can do this for an hour or two every evening it will increase your confidence enormously, as well as improving your fuency, and you will soon be able to use your English confidently with other people.

Best wishes and good luck,



The LearnEnglish Team

hi peter

first upon i give you a thanks to responded my tweet and i am expecting your support and suggestions more over my feature

Hi Peter, the comments and suggestions given by you here were very positive and encouraging..I am here to improve upon my academic writing English skills....hope to learn a lot from you all..thanks.!!!

Hello friends,I need your coperation because english was not my native language,I am facing many challenges,I want to improve my speaking

Hello Cornelio,

Welcome to LearnEnglish! My first recommendation to you is to explore the site. This part, Writing for a Purpose, is focused on academic writing. To work on your speaking, as I'll explain below, I'd recommend other parts of the site, but first it'd also be good for you to see what's here by following the links in the menu at the top (Home, Listen & Watch, etc.).

To improve your speaking, ideally, you should speak with other people. Perhaps you can find a conversation group or speak with a colleague or friend who is also learning English. In addition, you can learn a lot on your own. Series 3 of the Elementary Podcasts - start with episode 1 - is a great place to start. First, listen to the one or two sections of the podcast, and then read the transcript (under Instructions & downloads) as you listen. Then work through the exercises that correspond to the sections you've listened to.

To work on improving your pronunciation and fluency, choose some useful phrases from what you've listened to and imitate their pronunciation - repeat those words and phrases many times. Pronounce whole phrases, not just words, because the pronunciation of words in English varies according to context. Repeat these phrases until they're relatively easy to say.

This is slow work, but you'll be building up a repertoire of phrases that you'll be able to use fluently in your speaking!

Good luck!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

At first glance it seems that writing skills are easiest to improve, you don't need anything but computer and imagination, however it is not so easy as it seems. Write to whom and what about? Even if you find someone to write to, how do you know that your correspondent knows English good enough to help you, especially when your level high enough but not perfect.
English is not my native language therefore I would not dare to correct someone's messages but I willingly answer to everyone just for being polite. Good luck to everyone!

Exactly, I am poor English, Especially writing. It is too difficult for me.
When the teacher asked me to write the story or other writing, I always get low score.
I want to get some keys, Please Teacher if you can. Thanks in advance.

Hi everybody i am new here ,I need help to make a writing for university for finding supervisor
professor .I did it before but i didn,t recive answer so i thinke mybe my writing didn,t good .however if veryone can help me please writ .
Thanks so much

Hello - thanks for looking at the Writing for a Purpose site. Are you looking for a PhD supervisor? Universities (and departments) vary in the way they deal with PhD applicants. Some welcome enquiries from individuals, and will discuss with you your research plans before you make a formal application. Others require you to make a formal application first.
You will have to write a short research proposal when you make your application to study for a PhD. The university will need this in order to ensure that:
1. You have clear research objectives in mind.
2. You have already done a certain amount of reading in your chosen field.
3. The research methodology you propose is feasible, given the resources available to you.
4. You can be allocated a supervisor who is interested in you chosen topic and proposed research methods.

If you are going to study in the medium of English you will certainly have to improve your writing skills. Work through the Writing for a Purpose materials and exercises, paying particular attention to the 'Proposal' genre, and examples of research proposals.

The Writing for a Purpose Team