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The purpose of an Explanation is to demonstrate or develop understanding of the object of study, and the ability to describe and/or account for its significance.


Hello everyone. Could anybody help me with improving language skills? I have some troubles with conversations (speaking).

Hello vikakim!
It was surplice to know that you are from Uzbekistan. I used to work in Tashkent for about four years, from 2007 till 2011. It was very good four years, my older daughter was born there and lots of friends are still live and work in Tashkent.

Hello VikaKim,

We are often asked this question, but it's hard to give specific advice without knowing how you speak at the moment.  However, there are some general suggestions that I can make which will help you to improve over time.  The most important thing you can do is to speak English as often as possible.  To do this a partner is very helpful, so think about the people you know and consider if any of them could be a practice partner for you.  It may be that you know someone else who is also learning English and who would like to practise with you, or perhaps you know some people who do not speak your language but do speak English. 

However, if you do not have a practice partner it does not mean that you cannot practise because it is possible to practise alone.  Just speaking English to yourself while you are at home, going about your normal daily activities, can help a great deal with your fluency and can help you to feel more confident in your speaking.

You can also use the audio and video materials here on LearnEnglish to improve your speaking. After doing the exercises, try listening with the transcript (listening and reading). Then try saying the text yourself, and finally try saying it with (and at the same speed as) the recording. This will help you to develop speed in your speech, which is a key component of speaking well.  You'll also pick up a lot of language as chunks - words which are often used together in set phrases - which you can use to communicate with less hesitation.

I hope those suggestions are helpful.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

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Hi everyone, I‘m new here and I want to write a paragraph. Can anyone help me how to make a good one? . I need to learn please because I‘m taking the Toefl test and it requires that I need to write a paragraph.

Hello aeris15,

There are many different kinds of paragraph, so it's hard to give you any concrete advice.  How you should write it depends on what you have to write, for what audience and purpose.  You might write in different styles (formal, neutral or informal) and organise it in different ways depending on this.

Of course, any piece of writing should have accurate grammar and vocabulary and should use a range of structures, but anything more specific than that will depend upon the kind of paragraph you are writing.  I suggest you take a look at some examples from the test you are going to take, which should be available from the organisers of the test, and that will give you the best idea.  The British Council is one of the co-owners of the IELTS test and you can find this sort of information, plus practice papers and preparation tips, on the Take IELTS website; you should be able to find something similar for the test you wish to take.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

hi everybody,I want speak,write and understand good

hi, all i'm new comer. i love writing about anything. my english is weak, so i join this group and i hope i can inmprove my english. I love writing but in indonesia languange. i feel dificult to write in english. when i start to write current topic and then sudenly the idea is lost. someone said to me for wrote everyday altaough only one paper, write about anything. how keep spirit of writing?? 

"you should do free wraiting," said my teacher. you can do it. anything do it. I from Indonesia. greeting.. hehe