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The purpose of an Explanation is to demonstrate or develop understanding of the object of study, and the ability to describe and/or account for its significance.


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Why do you write? Perhaps you like to write just for yourself, as a way of reflecting on your life and your experiences, or perhaps you like to write as a means of communicating with other people. If this is the case, do you want to entertain them, or persuade them, or show them what you know?  Do you have to write in English for your studies?
I think the first step towards writing effectively is to examine your reasons for writing. The purpose of your writing will affect its language and its structure - a story, a diary entry, an essay and a lab report are all organized differently and contain different kinds of vocabulary, for example.
Our 'Writing for a Purpose' exercises are designed to help people who have to write in English for their university studies. Start on the introduction page and then think about the primary purpose of the text you want to write Then you can choose the exercises and examples that will be most useful to you.
Enjoy them!
The Writing for a Purpose Team

I am very weak in writing cloud you please help me to teach how to write any eassy .


The most important thing is to practise and remember that having a clear and logical organisation is as important as the vocabulary and grammar which you use.  To help you with this, you should look at examples of essays on different topics.  Our Writing for a Purpose section, looking at academic writing, is good for more advanced learners but there are materials for lower-level learners too.  For example, take a look at our 'Talk about' section.  These are listening texts in which people talk about things that are important to them.  Although they are listening texts, many of the transcripts are good examples of essays, with logical structuring, exemplification and phrases for expressing opinions, ideas and experiences.

I hope these suggestions are helpful.

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 I am studying English now and i can speak, read,and write.Howover, it is sometime hard for me to teak notes even i totally understand  the topic because my hands heavy if anybody has same my situation and solved it . i will be grateful for that. 

I want to chat with native English speaker in order to use English actively.But I could not find such opportunity. Can you advise me website where i can chat and improve my English.But i want to chat with serious and respectable persons.I do not want waste my time.
Do you know free website where I can write something (essay, assignment or etc) they will correct it for me.
By the way I like your website very much. It is great job.
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plz check this,
my first in school.
i was a student in class six when admited in high school.our school satuiated 2 km from my village.we were saven student who went to school class 6.when i admit in school class 6 i know only abc of english because my class 1to 5no english.our village very poor and my brother are no educated so that i complete but can not speek, read , listen, etc plz guide

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Still you have the time to learn English. Only three heart parts are there in English. Start focus on Reading and Writing then you will be capable to speak out in English fluently.

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you have done, you are intelligent, i know you can speak in english very easily. start day by day routine work speak in english, read english news paper onle one paragraph. chatting other person.
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i am,but my english very poor ,my job a accountant plz guideso that better wishes adnan jeddah