In this video Gemma goes to the shop. What's she going to buy? 

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have you got cold ones ? and There's 1,60 change .

Hi! Sorry, I'm noob. What is the difference between "that's" and "It's"? May I say "it's one ninety nine" instead "that's one ninety nine" and "Is it everything?" instead "Is that everything?"
And...What is the difference between "cold ones" and just "cold"?)))

Hi Olck,

In a context like this one, 'that' is often used to refer to an entire purchase (which can include more than one thing -- for example, here it's the magazine, water and sweets). If you are just referring to one thing, for example, the magazine, you could say 'it's 1.99' and it is grammatically correct, but saying 'that' is more common. 

Saying just 'Have you got cold?' is not correct in English -- you cannot use just any adjective as a noun. This is why we add the pronoun 'ones' after 'cold'. 

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Have you got cold ones

have you got cold ones ?

Is that every thing? mainly to know if he/she wants to continue shopping or not.
Here you are - to give to some one hand to hand

I learn this sentence today. Have you got cold ones.

what is the meaning of Top Sounds?
and in this sentence " Have you got cold ones" Gemma ask from shopkeeper to bring water for her?

It's the name of the magazine. Such az "Hamshari Javan" magazine in your country.