In this video Makayla needs a bit of help from the station manager at the train station. Will she catch her train?

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and follow the instructions to practise your speaking.

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Hello Lianna

Thank you for finding that. That is the same browser and browser version that I'm using right now and the video plays for me, so I must admit that I'm a bit puzzled. Are you able to see any of the other videos on our site? For example, can you see the videos on any of the following pages?


We have found that some users in some geographical locations are not able to access some of our content, but I will also ask our technical team if they have any other ideas.

I'm sorry again for the inconvenience!

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Hello Kirk , thank you very much for your reply. I can only see youtube videos,i am not able to see the other videos,the same problem, always reload. I hope that they can help me to join with your pages.
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Hello again Lianna

Could you please tell me if you are able to see the video at the top of this page?



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OK, thanks for that information. Let me see if we can figure something out -- I'll get back to you when I have any news.

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I'm not used to take the train for short distances, because in this case I prefer to travel by car. But when I have to go to a distant city in my country, I prefer to take the train instead of the flight, because it takes less time to arrive at railway station, and I don't have to spend time for check-in, boarding, and so on...

Yes, I like to travel by train, especially when they are on time!
It's less stressing than taking your car and you can take your time to read, watch videos, talk with a friend, enjoy the landskapes you're going through ... whatever you want.

i like traveling and i am interested in this video, but where is video?

Hello Liana

The video is near the top of the page, between the Preparation task and the Transcript. If you can't see it, I would recommend trying a different web browser or different device to see if you can see it there. I have checked it and there doesn't appear to be any problem on our end.

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Where is the video?