In this video Makayla needs a bit of help from the station manager at the train station. Will she catch her train?

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I usually travel by train for work, but I think that plane it's better because it's faster than the first I mentioned. Yes, unfortunately in my country almost every day, trains have some delays.

good afternoon all

I've never travelled by train. It might be exciting, I guess..

When I was a child I had to changes to traveled on a train I was amazing :D

Once, I got on the wrong train, an I was lost for hours!

good afternoon every one. how are you

I like traveling by train because in my country it is very cheap transport. Also, the railway net is well developed.

journey by train is a joufull journey

I usually travel by train but I prefer to travel by plane because it's faster than the first one.

Hi everyone! Yes! I love to use the train as my favorite transport. Once traveling from Amsterdam to Germany, the dutch train was too late so I couldn't reach my connection to the next train...and was the last one at night. So, I spent the whole night until the first train at early morning. Now, here in México, the train is not a common mean of transport. Regards!