In this video Makayla needs a bit of help from the station manager at the train station. Will she catch her train?

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yes , i was traveled in the train when i was a child with my family , but it was very bad journey because the train is very slow and the wither was very hot , so i don't thank that i will go like this journey in another time

Yes, I do. I don't remember If I had a problem travelling by train, but I had a nice time travelling by train looking at the window landscape and enjoying. I loved it!

Hi, I love travelling by train but only long travels. The day by day train, in Spain 'Cercanias', its awful. Most people are going with bad humour and disgusting manners.

I like traveling by train at all the time because i feel good than car, but when you like to traveling by train in Egypt please don't miss to get the 1st class of train because if you don't do that you will hate the traveling forever.

I've ever travalled by train and I love it. Because it is very fun.

I love traveling by train because I can see the nature keep changing around wich is amazing.
I remember that one time I spend the NEW YEAR day exactly at 12:00am in the train in the middle of no where, Because the train just breakdown,
And all the passengers felt so sad.

During rush hour tickets are more expensive.
What does it mean rush? Thanks Diego

Hello diegoinglese,

'Rush hour' is the time in the afternoon when the roads in a city are busiest. It's often around 5.00 in the afternoon as this is when people are returning (rushing) home from work.



The LearnEnglish Team

Interesting that there's price discrimination between rush-hour and normal hour. This is a logical practice and I deem as acceptable. Train is affordable and efficient mode of transportation, especially for moving a large number of people.

Hi , in one travel from my city Basra to Baghdad the time was so long it was about 12 hour we did not know why because my cousin and me sleep all the night and when we waked up we found the sun shined and the train was stopped , when we looked around we found the train out the railway and we do not arrived to Baghdad but we were in Hilla city about 150 km south Baghdad