In this video Makayla needs a bit of help from the station manager at the train station. Will she catch her train?

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I travel by train from home to work and i like travelling by public transport. I have never had like this problem, but i feen angry when the trains are not on time.

Sadly I have never traveled by train.

I used to take the train to get at my parent's home for example, because this is the more convenient and economical means of transportation.
But honestly, I really prefer use my car and travel alone or with my friends. So, I take my car as soon as I can ! I know, it's not really ecological !

In my opinion train is the best means of transport. It's unbelievably safe and precise. I had missed my train once so I'd have to buy a new ticket.

I really like travelling by train. It's a good way to link a town to another one quickly. In addition, you can enjoy seeing the landscape.

I like travellig by train. I had sometimes problems with this transport. One time I arrived at my city one hour later. But the company got me back 30 percent of the cust of my ticket.

Yes, I do love travelling by train. I prefer take one than a fly. Once I forgot my hand bag in a train in the midlle of my trip to Italy. I was so worried and afraid to lost my belongs. But it was resolved quickly. I satay waiting for the next train and went to pick up my bag at the Central office.

I do love traveling by train. It´s more easy and secure. Its used to be cheaper than fly. Unfortunatly, in the nowaday, no more. Also I feel a little bit nostalgic. I don´t know why. Perhaps, I remember the old classical movies with people sadly saying 'good-bye'.

Oh my gosh, I sat in an wrong empty seat facing with strangers.
( ̄Д ̄;;