In this video Makayla needs a bit of help from the station manager at the train station. Will she catch her train?

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Yes I like travelling by train. I have had a problem once the train arrived with 2 hours late. It was awful. My parents were afraid that something wrong happened.

I often travel by train because it's less tiring ; I can read in the train or listen to the radio
I think it's more ecological but it's quiet expansive
In France the train are often late and it could be a problem when we have a date

No, it is not applicable in our region

yes i like traveling by train very much

I like travel by train. I had a problem once in Paris because I purchased a weekly card but forget past my photograph, one officer asking to me about the card and put me a penalty fee of €35. It was not nice but, I understand that is important because are the rules of the city.

I like travilling by train. It gives you opportunity to look through the window at beautiful places.

I did it så many times last year, but trains doesn't work well in Sweden. always run late.

I like to travel by train, but i have not a lot of opportunity to doing this

Yeah, I really love to travel by trains.

I am new in England, I live in Ashford Kent now. I had a problem witf train last time. I didn't knew that the ticket in rush hours are more expensive. But staff on station explain me everything and help. I love traveling by train, it relaxes me.