In this video Makayla needs a bit of help from the station manager at the train station. Will she catch her train?

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I love travelling by train but the last time I was on one going from Port Harcourt in Rivers state to Aba, Abia state, it developed a technical problem along the way and it took several hours before it was fixed. By this time, I had already missed the appointment for which I had embarked on the journey.

I love train travel, it's one of the most accessible mode of transportation in my country especially in the big city. However, during rushed hours it was congested, and many people couldn't sit in designated seats. That's why, sometimes I preferred to stand just to reach my designation.

I've never been travelling by train, because in Bogotá they aren't this public transport for population.They is the bus

Thank you for making this video. I dislike to travel by train because honestly I’ve made two train trips in my life and I can assure you that it was very long, plus I can’t sleep and I get sick. So I prefer to fly because it’s fast and it’s amazing to see the land from above. By the way, I’ve flown 15 times since I was born.

I love travelling by train because we can enjoy the sceneries can try the variety of foods on different stations as compared to travelling by plane.

I don’t like travelling by train, because in my country the train is very dirty and frequently late. In addition, the travel time is so long. If I had to choose between the train and the airplane, I would choose the airplane.

Isn't it so expensive? It should be more cheap.

It depends on in which country i am,
in some countries as well as Germany the train's tiket are more expensive than the tiket of airplane or bus.
actually i prefer to go with my car,

I like travelling by train.Here in my country its very cheap & safe but yh I faced some problems when i couldn't make the reservation in time & had to travel in a general compartment, where people get stuffed into it.All in all train journey is good.thanks

Unfortunately, I have never traveled by train because in my country they stopped working before I was born.