In this video Makayla needs a bit of help from the station manager at the train station. Will she catch her train?

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I haven't travel by train in my whole life, so I would like to try it in the future.

Yes I like to travel by train in Ireland. It is confortable, puntual and fast. Also it has many facilities as toiletts, wi-fi, plugs, tickets online, beverages and snacks for sale. On board you would enjoy a cofee, tea, fizzi drinks, biscuits, meanwhile you are working with your laptop or chating with your friends. In my opinion, the train rail of Ireland are really nice but too expensive.

Hello all, i'm from Peru. In my country there are no trains to get another city. but you can use the metro to travel around the city-Lima! I take it everyday to go to university. After aeroplanes, metro is the fastest main of transport.

I don’t like use train because all days, it’s not at time !

Yes, i like to travel by train as I enjoy watching the scenery of the place. I remember when i used to travel in Hongkong where the train passes by on the side of a mountain. It was really nice to see the nature while on train.

Hi, I like travelling by train. With french TGV, I can go very quickly in Paris, only two hours, with very confortable conditions.
But "TER " train are pleasant , if you have time before you, you can see all the small railway stations,.

Yes I like. But i have no issues by travelling since i haven't use much.

Hi. I like travelling by train, but rarely I do it; in local trips I go by byke; in long by plane or ship. Last time i took a train was Last year, when i went from Naples To Venice. It was a pleasant travelling.

I traveled by train when I was young, it was a journey to Nha Trang. I remembered only one thing that it is very cold in the train, impressed me.