In this video Makayla needs a bit of help from the station manager at the train station. Will she catch her train?

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Intermediate: B1


I like travel by train. I often traveled from Lille to Lyon with the TGV. It's a very confortable train, it drives very fast. Sometimes, the trains are delayed and it's a big problem when we are pressed by the time.

I have traveled by train a couple of times!I really loved the experience! The Spanish AVE is wonderful! Usually, I move in my own car or by plane!

I had never traveled in a train.

travel by train is a hard job where I live

Yes, I like travelling by train. I travelled a lot, and I had some problems in several occasion. I lost my ticket and had to bought another one. I missed the train, and I missed the station that I had to stop. So, I travelled back afterward. But, it was not complicated, actually it was easy to travel by train in my town.

Yes, I like traveling by train and I had a problem. I lost my ticket and I can't go outside.

Yes i love to travil by tranis by always i mass my train.

I like to travel by train. I haven't a problem with missed train.

I traveled a lot by train. The last time was in October last year when my mother and I traveled to Moscow from Lipetsk. The journey lasts all night. The problem was that when we got on the train, there were a lot of drunk men in our coach. They were very loud and fought in the middle of the night, and of course, they disturbed all passengers. Finally, the police calmed them down. It was a terrible trip.

I have never taken the train, but I hope take it soon