The Polar Bear's Dinner


So, I’m a polar bear, right? Got that? A polar bear. Not one of those brown bears that live in forests and on mountains. One of those big white ones, you know, surely. Where do I live?

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Cute story. Well written. It is sad what humans and our pollution is doing to polar bears. I photograph the polar bear moms and babies yearly and can't imagine not having the opportunity to see them again.

It's wonderful story. In my opinion , we should stop the unplanned huge production of different goods and buildings. I wonder where is the role of international orginization in nature protection? I think it should be a balancing process between the international economic control and nature protection organization.


Good One !!!
When i am reading the story it seems like too lengthy and later on interesting, it clearly explains the worries of global warming produced by the humans and which cause lot of damage to the humans as well as other wild like animals.
"Prevention is better than cure" we have to take appropriate actions to reduce the global warming like, reducing the usage of Motors, refrigerators in earlier stage than later stage and growing trees will benefit a lot to protect global warming.
It's not going to happen with one country , all countries together and make a decision towards the global warming.
The story attracted me, at least i will plant a tree as a duty against protection of global warming.