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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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Pre-intermediate: A2



Yes, I have many accessories that I like . Among them, I like my bear doll so much. My first student gave me this one in 2016. This is my first time that someone gave me bear doll. I really like this one and I put it my bed until now and it is my friend and my partner for every moment of my life. I tell all about myself to it whenever I am happy or I am sad.

I have many scarfs in my wardrobe. I always use a watch and watch is a gift from my girlfriend that's the reason valuable for me. I have two glasses protect from the sun and eye health.

I had bought a belt bag when I was going to Vini Vici concert. I needed a small and safe bag because I knew it was so crowd and dynamic. My belt bag is made from jean and its zipper is red. I deem competible the colours. I can wear it with all my cloths.

my special accessory is my bag. I put inside anything i need when i m out

my special accesory is my cap

yes. My favorite accessories is earrings. I usually use it to make style better.

my favorite accesories is hat

Yes, I have. I have glasses, lucky bracelet and watches. I usually use them to make style better. I also put on my glasses when I go out by motorbike for protecting my eyes against dusts, insects into my eyes. My favorite accessories are watches because It’s made my looking styler than normal. How’s about you, please share with me ❤️❤️❤️

yes! My favorite accessory is Earpod that useful when I do physical exercises.