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Do these exercises to learn the names of some drinks.


Language level

Beginner: A1


Where I live people drink the following:
- Water.
- Coffee.
- Milk.
- Chocolate.
- Milkshakes.
- Beer.
- Lemon.
- Fizzy drinks.
- Tea.
- Wine and so on.
My favourite drink is milkshake.

At the morning time i just take half cup tea, i love to drink fresh juices in which include Mango, Strawberry, orange and carrot. I don't take fizzy drinks, but in my country Pakistan, majority of the people drink tea with milk also fizzy drinks. i have never use any alcoholic drink yet in my life.

I like orange juice, I usually have it for breakfast.My favourite drink is coffee.I also like a fizzy drinks, beer, cocktail and wine.

in my country, the usual drink is tea.
I like drinks hot chocolate and milkshake.

In my country people drink beer more than wine and hot chocolate with lots of milk more than coffee. My favourite drink however is tea with lemon.

In my country generally the persons drink in the beer. I prefer wine or ginebra.

In my country, most people prefer to drink tea. I like tea too but when I go out with my friend I usually order hot chocolate.
I drank wine only three times in my whole life.

In my country, there are many drinks prepared for different seasons and all by local crops.
some drinks are prepared for winter seasons where it has to be taken to keep us worm and some drinks are prepared summer and it is taken to keep our bodies hydrated.

beer is prepared from local produced corn and fruits for example beer prepared from corn crops and it is called MARESA and there other types of beer made from dates and it is called DAKKAI and both of them are with less alcoholic.
there are other plants used to make fresher or juice like local drinks called KARKADY, TEBELDY and DOOM.
Milk and other related products are usually taken daily basis while urban ares only preparing milkshakes which ice cream and milk products together.

Where I live very common is drink beer, tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and of course water. My favourite drink is tea. I also like a fizzy drinks, juice, milkshake hot chocolate and wine, but most often I drink a water I think.

I like orange juice, I usually have it for breakfast. I have a friend who loves fizzy drinks and drinks too much every day, she knows it's not good for her, but she can't stop drinking. and now I'm helping her stop it!