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Do these exercises to learn the names of some drinks.


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Beginner: A1


In the country where I grew up, most of the time the people drink black tea a lot. Some cities drink more than the other one. They drink it for breakfast, after the meal or whenever they feel tiring.
But I do not like it too much and I have drunk it during my life only less than 30 times. I have drunk it due to cube sugar; I love them.
In my country, black tea without cube sugar does not make sense.

I like drinking water every day, in party I love to drink wine sometimes beer. when it is too hot or in sunny say I prefer taking fuzzy drinks. As breakfast a cup of milk is my favorite one.

Where I live, the weather is so warm and so people drink juice of different flavours, because we have tropical fruits a lot. My favorites are juice of medlar and juice of sapodilla that they are made with milk.

Hello everyone.

In Cameroon where I am from people drink alcohol such as Beer, wine and others. My favorite drink is juice

In country which I live people like drink coffee

İn turkey is tea and coffee in the morning. My favourite is tea.

I think In Germany is coffee in the morning and beer in the evening the most favorite drinks.
I like tea and ginger water and do not drink alcohol.

In Tunisia, people usualy like tea, my favorite drink is coffee

I live in Uruguay. Here people use to drink coffee with milk in the mornings, hot chocolate at evening and a lot of wine or different types of beers on weekends.

I live in Algeria, we like drink coffee and milk and Juice , my favourite drink is Juice