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Do these exercises to learn the names of some drinks.


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Beginner: A1


In my country we drink wine during the meal, beer or sodas outside meals I really liked alcohol. Since the year 2000 I drink only water or coffee

my favourite drink is the milkshake. and my country's favourite drink is milk.

In my country people drink different drinks. Women like to drink some wine on holidays and men prefer beer and strong drinks. I don't like alcoholic drinks, because If I drink alcoholic drinks I will feel bad for a very long time.

In the morning I like to drink a cup of black coffee with a milk that improve my energy and mood.

My favourite drink is water and coffee. In my country people drink different drinks!

In my country (Colombia) for breakfast the favorite drink is the coffee.

I prefer hot drinks such as tea, chocolate and coffee. In fact, my country produced the best coffee in all the world. Yummi.

Fizzy drinks are called soda in the United States...

In Ecuador, favorite people´s drink is juice, because we have a lot variety of fruits and juice help to people when day is hot.
My favorite drink is coffee, because it smell good and keeps wake up me.

In iran people drink water, tea and milk but my favourite drink is milkshake and fizzy drinks and juice :)

Where I am living the people usually drink wine and beer in the bars and also wine in lunch and dinner. My region is big producer of wine, red, white and rose, there are a lot of sown fields of vineyards. This region is Penedès, Barcelona, Spain.
My favourite drinks are beer and wine, but also I can drink other liquors in parties or special dinners, like whisky, coffee, etc.
In breakfast I drink orange juice and some coffee and milk.