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Everyday objects

Learn words for everyday objects by doing these exercises.


Language level

Beginner: A1


When I go out, I carry my phone, keys and purse. In my purse there are some cash, credit cards and backup home key. Becouse sometime I could forget my keys at work and I woudn't go in the house so I carry extra key in my purse. Also I carry a bottle of water, I drink alot of water and I don't want to buy water in plastic bottle because of ecological reasons. I don't like hearing stranger people's conversation, traffic voice etc. So I always take my earpiece with me for listening music or podcasts. Nowadays I bring napkins, hand sanitizer and sugical mask.

when i go out always carry phone as tool comunication and anticipation if somethink happened

When I go out I take everyday in my pocket my wallet.

Usually I carry smell bag , i put in it mobile phone , money and my lipstick .

if i wanted to go out, i would like to bring rucksack and put my mobile int omy pocket and wallet for credit card information.

I usually use a handbag to carry the things I need, money, the keys of my house, tissues, cards, my mobilephone, etc.

When I go out, I always carry my wallet, my phone, my keys and my identification badge because I live in a dormitory.

When i go out i always carry:
My mobile phone
My keys
an my glasses

When I go to the outside I take:
- my wallet;
- my mobile phone;
- my sunny glasses (if I have sunny day))))));
- and my keys.

normally i bring with me:
- keys
- rucksack
- wallet
- cell phone