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Food in Britain 1

What do people eat in the UK? Do these exercises and learn words for some common foods in Britain.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


From foods that are on these food pages, I usually eat eggs, pasta with cheese and tomatoes and I often put some butter in pasta that make it less stuck. I like to eat salads with different vegetables, and sometimes I buy bread to eat with cheese, but as it's expensive and it make been fat, I don't eat these foods regulary.

From others foods that are not in these pages and I often cook, I usually like to eat hot vegetables, rice, and I also try to make some cakes chen I have time. I also eat meat like chicken, beef or pork, it depends, but I try to not eat meat in every meal.

I do eats all. The food are numerous just to mention few, this includes: pizza, cake, rice, meat, yam, fish and so on.

In the Vietnam, we rarely eat cereal and porridge, instead we eat rice and use chopsticks in a meal. but sometimes i buy a little cereal in the supermarket for a breakfast. when you guys come to Vietnam, you can find some foods such as ' Bún chả ' , 'pho' it means noodles.

I usually do eat fried egg, bread, and cheese.
I do like to eat kebab and fried chicken, these are very delicious

I use to take fried egg with brown bread, or cereal with low fat milk, or butter and jam mix sandwich at breakfast or chees sandwich. Beans and pasta can be taken in lunch along with salad.
We can prepare special types of porridge cocked from corn and taken with ghee and other food..

I definitely eat most of these foods. Some food I eat more than other, for example I very rarely eat porridge but I think this is mistake because porridge is very healthy. I like eat beans for dinner and bread with butter and jam for breakfast, futher I like eat buns, rolls and bread with chocolate cream.

Every morning I eat bread,butter and I put the jam or chocolate on the bread and I drink a coffee.
On the lunch I made a very delicious pasta.
On the night I made in dinner some sandwiches with fried eggs, cheese and salad.
Actually I don’t like beans and porridge but I like chips very much.
In Tunisian we eat often couscous and this is our traditional food we can made it with fish or meat or vegetables.

I like balanced Food between meat and vegetables.

I LOVE eating all of them.

I eat more healthy food such as salad, cereal, cheese, beans.