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I spend more time in the living room

I roome spend much time in the living room, beacuse look tv, and study english, i listen music too.

I spend most of the time in the study room on the second floor. Recently I stay at home because of Covid-9, but my dad works in a vacant office building by necessity.

I do spend the most time in the reading room.

The most time I spend in living room cause I have small flat with two rooms, one of them we can call a living room.

I use to Spend more time in living room specially in winter as weather is pretty cold and raining.
I like just sit in comfortable sofa and enjoy films and TV programs after having diner with family talk to family members.
unfortunately in my flat I don't have neither balcony nor garden to put chair and look at the green grass and trees or make barbecue at weekends.

Usually I spend the most time in the living room,In this place I can relax and watch TV.Then I go to the kitchen to prepare meals and foods.
After a long day I take a shower in my bathroom.
At night I go to the bedroom and sleep that make me more comfortable.

Usually I spend most time in bathroom or washroom.You know, these are a good places for thinking!!!.
Dose anyone accept this ?

Toilets are also good for that ;)

i usually spend more time in living room.