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I spend the most time in the living room because I watch TV and talk with my family there,

I spend the most time in my bedroom :)

I spend more time in the kitchen because in my house is open concept kitchen, then can to watch TV while eating lunch or dinner for example.

I spend the most time in the living room, where I talk to my family, watch tv, and work with the laptop.

In the bedroom, I feel more comfortable because of that I always allocate the best big skylights room for it. I divide its space to study, sleep, watch TV, and keep my plants.

I spend my time in the living room, because is there where I learn english.

I spend the most time in the bedroom

Hi , I spend the most time between kitchen and living room

Hello M. Kirk happy New year. Please when I interact my reply doesn't appear in comment. please can you assist?

According to the topic I most spend my time almost at kitchen

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