What is a Case Study?

Try this task to find out more about Case Studies.

Task 1

Listen to the discussion between a student (S) and a lecturer (L) and use the words given to fill in the blanks. You can listen to the recording above as many times as you want and pause it if you need more time to write in the answers.



not bad

Really good one.

i like it

Can you do a favor about me?
If yes,please answer my quasrion.
I'm counfiuse....
When i write a comment,it's show to me(((unpublished))
Do you know why???

Hello again Sepehr,

This is because we moderate all comments before they are published. We do this to make LearnEnglish a safe place to visit, as well as to filter out spam and other inappropriate content. We moderate comments every day and usually several times per day, so it won't take long for your comments to be published.

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Hello my friends....
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Is there a chat room for chat????

Hello Sepehr,

No, I'm afraid there's no chat room on LearnEnglish. You're welcome to carry on a conversation here in the comments if you'd like. As a newcomer, I'd recommend you read our Help page and that you explore the site a bit using the menu at the top of the screen to get an idea of what's here.

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I am new in your interresting group my teacher asks us to narrate a story about a nightmare we have before . unfortunately I have no idea and how I start . I wish you could help me in my writing

Best wishes

Hello bella,

Writing for a purpose is about academic writing, which probably won't be too useful for you. I'd recommend you look through our Magazine, where you can find some stories which might be useful as examples for you. I'm afraid we're not able to provide individual tuition or feedback on writing, as we are too small a team with too much work to be able to do that.

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Hello Sir,
its really helping me to do my research on case studies..thank you very much.