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Beating stress

Listen to Emily talking about the importance of managing her stress levels and the techniques she uses.

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Today stress in an important subject  and everybody talks about how stressful is his life, in my opinion , of course you have to take care about your physical and mental health and stress can heavily damaged them. But in the other hand , stress can be an useful tool too and it help us to face unexpected experience in life.
Well, now in my country too many people have stress but not for an exhausted job, it is concerns with the lack of one. It can be a very stressful situation when you haven´t enough money for pay the bills, food and beside you couldn't afford to go out as a way to  help relieve stress

Hi everyone,
I feel quite stressed when it's winter, because I live on my own in a very chaotic city that it's not the mine and I have to study a lot and to do all the houseworks by myself, then I don't have my family and my friends close to me. But when it's summer, I go back home and I can relax. Like the girl in the recording, I like playing piano and, above all, talking to my friends. By this way, I cope with my stress! Moreover, I think the STRESS theory is really useful. I usually practice sleeping well and smiling to everybody and I think, by this way, you can put in a good mood the people around you. Then, I think that sometimes stress can give you the right adrenaline to do better, but we should not exaggerate and expect by ourselves to be perfect.

Hello every one
I am very happy to be a member of  Britishcouncill.I hope to learn more about English language.

Hello AdamJK!
My name is Igor and I am from Brazil. I have been member today, however I have been visited the website since last week. I was found for an useful and organized place to learn English and I have certain I found it. Congratulations!! 

Hi Everyone,
I've been a member here for about a week and I find the tools here very useful however since I am not a native English speaker, I am not as fluent as I would have liked to be. So I would really appreciate if the Learn English Team can give me some suggestions on how to improve my fluency! There are people who tell me that the only way to fluency is by not putting too much emphasis on grammar and vocabularies but rather focus on learning phrases.
They also said I should refrain from translating the words from my mother tongue, because the order of words is probably completely different and that will slow me down.
So what would you guys recommend?

Hi Zolani,
I would say that you have been given sound advice. The word order problem depends on your mother tongue and how similar word order is in your mother tongue versus English.
One thing that can help when speaking is to not worry so much about making mistakes. Even if you know the word or phrase you want to use is not 100% correct English, go ahead and use it. People will probably understand. I know this has helped me communicate in Polish which is a very challenging language for English speakers to learn.
I hope this helps.
The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks a lot Erik for the advice, I'll certainly use it and since English is a business language here in South Africa I get more exposed to people who are speaking it.
Did you know that we have about 11 official languages spoken here in the country? well that's how diverse we are, these languages are:
English, Afrikaans(more similar to Dutch), Xhosa, Zulu, Swati, Ndebele, Sotho, Sepedi, Setswana, Venda and Ndebele.
So you'd find that some regional accent a quite difficult to understand, but ever since I joined this site I have seen a lot of improvement because my listening skill has improved tremendously, and I have developed a new accent which I like quite a lot. I only need to work on my speed now. 
Thanks once again Erik and the Learn English Team you are doing a wonderful job.
Regards and best wishes!

Stress is what you feel when you have to handle more than you are used to. When you are stressed, your body responds as though you are in danger. It makes hormones that speed up.

 oh yes, this is true. I know many people that suffer from stress, and I talk with them and I have seen to them their feelings, their emotions, their heart beat hard, and after they have talked with another person they feel in pace, and I feel well when I see people helped by me. I said that approving what you said.

I think stress is a very dangerous illnes.There are many people in the world who suffer from stress, which of course require a special commitment to which anyone of us can give it to him.This is my message.Thank you very much.