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Beating stress

Listen to Emily talking about the importance of managing her stress levels and the techniques she uses.

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Stress is something that everyone have experienced at one moment of life, all of us have dealed with it maybe on our job, on our studies or in other occasions that require us to change. We don't have to think about stress only as something bad, even though chronic stress can cause a lot of problems to our body and mind such as insomnia,high blood pressure, mood swings and so on. If on the one hand high levels of stress, especially for a long period of time, should be avoided, on the other hand, we cannot avoid stress at all becouse it's part of our life. We could say that in some cases we need stress to deal with difficulties, in fact in many occasions it activates our resources and drives us to do better. We should say then that stress is something to ''manage'' rather then something to ''beat''.There are a lot of different ways to cope with the stress, in according to Dr.Alia Crum, a professor of psychology at the university of Harvard, we should start from our mindset. If we consider stress only as something bad, our performance could be more negatively affected then if we think of it as something that can help us to succeed. In other words, our physical and psychological response to stress is influenced by our mindset, the way in which we see situations and stress itself.

My life as a student it's full of stress and I have learned to cope with it during the first years of university, in particular i found that regular exercise and good sleeping habits help me a lot to relieve and reduce stress. I am working on my self-confidence and trying to develop a positive attitude, this with regards to what the speaker said about smiling, will help me to reduce stress and feel better.

Hello Everyone,

Many of people have tense and stressful on their life. for me, i have a little of stressful from my work. I can relieve and reduce stress to take a small nap with quiet music. According to what she said about an article the theory is very helpful when everyone following this step. The best action for me is "R" words because I love to do some relax with myself and feeling very comfortable.

In my opinion, everyone needs to use the STRESS word to relieve and reduce stress and find the best way to get out of stressful in life.

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I think that to avoid the stress is very useful you try to see the good side of everything even bad things or bad situations. Thanks for the opportunity

In the last comment I've made a mistake. I wrote: "so that other people like me can learn and improve thanks to THEIR SERVICES".

insted of:

Sorry about that!

Hi Peter M.,

thanks for your replay. I know Emily is not a native speaker and I'm very grateful for her efforts to speak English, so that other people like me can learn and improve thanks to their services
Anyway, allow me to say that even native people in every part of the world sometimes makes mistakes in both written and spoken language. But our and others errors are useful for improving our english, so they are not a problem! :-).

I would like to speak english fluently like Emily one day, but for me is not so easy because my tongue is completely tide up :-)

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Reading your comment I laughed a lot and I was trying to imagine how a tongue could be completely tied up?! Why you do not untied it? Is this painful? And how a person looks like when they got a tied tongue? ….. Of course you understand that I am trying to make a joke here, and I hope I made it. But, seriously speaking, practicing is the only way to untie our poor tongues. Moreover you shouldn’t be embarrassed practicing the language even with mistakes or with bad preconception. Believe me it works with me.

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Maybe the last sentence in this topic is not correct. It says:
"Finally I think we should take action and applies (apply) these tips to YOUR life, so everyone can beat stress."

I recon that the correct sentence should be:
"Finally I think we should take action and apply these tips to OUR life, so everyone can beat stress."

What do you think?

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Hello Debbybb,

Thank you for highlighting this. I agree that it needs to be changed and so I will edit the page. Emily (the speaker) is not a native speaker and she makes some errors in her English, which we show in the transcript but this is one we missed.

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i agree with a writer this topic. Everyday we have stressful situations during all day and we should to beating them. But unfortunatelly it's not possible for all situations which are happines with us. For example, yeasterday i had interview in new company..before conversation i resolve don't panic and stress but when the door are opened and in the ofiice came an amployee from HR department, my heartbet increased;)

Yes, like any other human being I do go through lot of stress during the day. I would divide Stress into 2 types, they are Positive Stress and Negative Stress. Positive Stress is the stress which brings happiness and smile , which I am going through writing this and Negative Stress is obviously the opposite of Positive but according to me Negative stress is what one thinks ofall the problems in life and see's dark shade of the life and is always with them. To beat stress only one thing can help that is the way you think. When I go through this negative stress, I make sure I first look myself in the mirror and then decide is it worth thinking about it.
Thank you
Hope my views are right and correct me if I am wrong.