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Beating stress

Listen to Emily talking about the importance of managing her stress levels and the techniques she uses.

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is your everyday includ strees and tense.?
day before my test on highschool i have strees that come from frightness to fali,
also while i do my way to places and try to perevent from late.

ofently i do a pyusical sport that made my brain relax or i am go to caught a good sleep.
i do find stress has helpful on some situation that you have to perform quiqly, but on other hand strees injure the memory

Hi everyone. In my opinion, people must forget the word STRESS. Need to think only good things even when is bad.

I noticed that nothing but problem solution (that is a cause of stress) can help me relax . So I try to solve the problem or forced to wait until the problem disappears by itself :)

In my opinion, smiling and to be realistic about ourselves and others are the most essencial points to follow for reducing stress; yet, on the other hand, it is true that preserving a medium stress level would help us to get the right incentiv for doing better, and getting more from our activities.
In my daily life, i note that when i have un-realistic expectations on me, things seam going on harder than when i do not: to insist on achiving at any cost your expectations may brings to anxiety and tensions; that's why you prevent yourself from considering other future's possibilities, as failing or getting a really different epilogue compared to your expectations. So, be flexible, do not be rigid.
Neverthless, it doesn't mean we have to be completely relaxed, becouse thise can bring to a lack of motivation, and crossing over into some kind of indolence. So, do not be completely peaceful, but be a little bit restless!

Hi! I'm beating stress in this moment because I had a big change in my life. So I think these tips are very helpful. I just would like to insert another action I make to reduce stress and keep my mind in shape. That's meditation. When your everyday life is stressful it mess your brain. So you can take a few minutes from your day to meditate and pay attention to yourself.
The easiest action for me is "T", treat your body well because I love to pratice sport and I like to eat healthy food. I run two times for week and I swim also.
Maybe the stress can drives some people to do better. But many people can't cope with the stress. Actually it's not easy.

this is very useful thankyouu

I am three years from my retirement; I am sorry I am just learning to cope with stress. I practice to work out every day only the realistic expectations I can fulfill. Anyway, I hope I can do the best of my last years and then happily get retired with some health to enjoy.

Actually very good topic to talk about, for me the best ever thing i can do to relieve stress is to do something that i love, some people like reading, others like cooking, for me studying english helps me to feel confident and relaxed, any way from my point of view to do your hoppy will make you much better.
And regarding help yourself with letters of stress word, i like the idea very much, its helpful.
Thanks alot

if i have stress i'm gonna sleep.

This is my first is very useful.
Thanks a lot