Listen to Neil talking about Coventry City Football Club and why he's a loyal supporter.

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Comments name is Najiba.I am from Baku.I think it is very interesting to teach children with these materials.They are well organized.By the way children in this time like football very much and these materials help them to improve their English and enjoy themselves in that time.Thank you for all.

Hello everybody! I'm from Uzbekistan. I like football. My favourite team is BARCELONA! And also BUNYODKOR. This teams are play very good. But I dislike Real Madrid. Becaus I hate Mourinho.

Hi ! Everybody my name is One. I'm from Vietnam and i think Read  Madrid is the best team in the world and Ronaldo is the best player. But my favorite team is Arsenal. I hope one day i can go to see them play

hello everyone!
i'm from vietnam. i like Read  Madrid the best because i love Ronaldo, he is the best player in the world and he is very hansome

Hi! I'm from Romania. In my country, the most popular team is "Steaua Bucuresti". I don't understand very well why is so loved. Now, is not the best team, but I think people love "Steaua" because of his history. They won Champions League in 1986 after they came at the above of Barcelona. It was the first time when a Romanian team won that trophy. Then, Helmuth Duckadam, Steaua's goalkeeper, defended 4 penalty kicks, after 120 minutes of game. This is about past and we live in present. What I want to say is that I'm proud of Steaua's victory, but my favourite team is "CFR Cluj". They play in the first division since 2007, but CFR won Romanian championship thrice. So, I can say that "CFR Cluj" si better than "Steaua Bucuresti".

Premier League is fantastic football that we enjoy every weekend in far east country like Vietnam.
I wish there will be a Vietnamese foothballer playing in PL, probably at Chealse!

My name is Ali. I'm from Turkey. I like football too. My favorite team is ŞANLIURFASPOR and GALATASARAY. Şanlıurfaspor is the best team in the second league of Turkey. And Galatasaray, named CİMBOM, is the best team in Turkey. :))))

hello all,
I like  Premier English league especially Chelsea Team when they have  good manager " Morinho  "the special one " however sometime he bad manner, but i like when he give support of his team, i think beside he has good strategic he also good as motivator to the player , how about you guy, who is your favorite team ?

My name is Adelina,I'm from Kosova.My favorite team is " BARCELONA " they play the best futboll in the world..Messi ,Iniesat,Pique,Villa, Pyol,Fabregas ..all are the best ..

Hi everybody,
I'm from Galicia, in the North of Spain. I also think Barcelona is the best team in the world and Messi the best player, although my favourite one is Xavi Hernández.
I hope the two teams from my region, Deportivo de La Coruña and Celta de Vigo, promote  to the top division in Spanish League so that I can go to see them playing against Barcelona next season.