Listen to Neil talking about Coventry City Football Club and why he's a loyal supporter.

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is correct, the best team is barcelona!.. but Real Madrid is a Good team too. 

Barcelona is best club in world...everybody now that....they play best passing game in world and Xavi Messi Andreas inesta Pedro Puyol And Piqe are best!!!And Dani Alves is best

The best league in the world is the premier league! 

yeah....this is a truth.....although i am iranian I love ARSENAL!!

If you like the premier league, have you checked out Premier Skills? It's a website for people who are learning English and interested in the Premier League.
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hi everyone,
For me, my real team is Milan AC because this team is so old than better. So this team took many Cup like the champions league , the Italia Cup and the more awesome is many players like KAKA,WEAH. etc...have been taken a price too important for a player: the golden ball.
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Hi all I am from Turkey. And I am very interested in football. My favorite team is GALATASARAY <3. its the best team in Turkey. and i lik Barcelona too. they play the best football in the world. I think footbal is the greatest game in the world. 

hello merve .my name is revane and i am from azerbaijan.i like football .my favorite team is Barselona and galatasaray  :)))))))))         revane

The speaker said "Coventry City are a team" and "if there’s some disappointments". Is here everything OK with singular and plural forms?

Hy my name is real my favorite team is algerai and I am a supporter of real madrid but love very much epl and I like chelsea.
we have some players in the epl like halich in fulham