Listen to Neil talking about Coventry City Football Club and why he's a loyal supporter.

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Hy, my friend , I live in Brazil, my favourite is Sport Club Corinthians Paulista. Thank's

hi i really enjoyed listening to the football related talk. thanks for the submission


Hi my name is Miro. I am from Bulgaria and I like football. My favourite teams are CSKA sofia and Manchester Unated. Dimitar Berbatov played for CSKA. He is a great player.

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Hi i'm Lilia , i love football from my schildhood . All my friends are crazy about it )) We have girls team from football but not all of girls had ever played it , so i have a lot of work  :)) It is so exciting game i think . I don't know a lot about football teams but me favourite is Manchester United - red evils ! Oh , hope once ukrainian team will play better than they ))

 hi ı am from turkey. my name is merve . I think most of the girls in Turkey do not like the football. But I love football. ı get excited when ı watch it. In turkey my favorite team is FENERBAHCE. I do not talk about BARCELONA  they are wonderful and they play football perfectly. Finally ı want to say that I guess football is the only think to cry man

Hi i am nazanine from kabul..nice site..and i love football .

Hi Nazanine, I totally agree with you, this web site is awesome

Hi i am diluka from srilanka.i like i want to inprove my english knowlegdge. 

 hello all of you, i'm xhuljana from albania. I love singing and playing voleyball, meaby in the future i will be a famous singer. this is dream of my life.