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Learning languages

Listen to Simon talking about how he learned several languages in a variety of different ways.

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Upper intermediate: B2


In my opinion both ways are needed. The only way to domain something is practice, practice and more practice, so you need communicate with people, listening them and asking them. If you need to know something or to get some information your mind will be very receptive and then the learning will more efficiency. But... In the other hand if you want to improve your use of the language in a more accurate and rightly way you need to study its grammar rules.
Really this is the way with your natal language, you are always surround by your natal language, but in the school you learn how to use more accurately, rightly and in a beauty way.

Hello every one;
My name is Malek, from syria - aleppo
I am 29 years old; Man
I forward to learn English but iI have on one to speak with him.

Hello Malek,

Welcome to LearnEnglish! I'm sure we can help you to improve your English. To get started, please visit our Help pages and our Frequently Asked Questions page. They will give you a lot of advice and suggestions on learning most effectively and using the site.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Can anyone tell me that how can i make friends or be in touch to other users of the website
thank u

Hello shakku,

First of all, let me say it's great that you want to contact others and communicate in English – this is a great way to practise and improve. Here on the LearnEnglish site you're welcome to contact other users here in the comments, but I'm afraid you're not allowed to share the kind of personal information you'd need to exchange to contact each other outside the site – our House Rules explain this in more detail. Another option you have is to participate in our Facebook page, where I believe it is possible to contact others more easily.

Good luck!

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Hello! i'm dawood shahat from pakistan. i'm not goot at english i want to imrove my english as much as i can. from this article i learned many words and phrases and i think the best way to learn a difficult word or phrase is to write the whole sentence not just search for the odd word in dictionary but to write that sentence and remember that sentence as a definiton of that word.

Hello Dawood,

Welcome to LearnEnglish! It sounds like you are very motivated to improve and that is a great characteristic to have. Please take a look at our Help pages and follow the links there to see our best advice and tips on learning English and using this site. Please also visit our FAQ page, which I'm sure you'll find very helpful.


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I think taht the best way to learn a language is to practise it everyday. You should watch films about whatever you live, You could listen many conversations on internet or If you want to reach a good level as best as you can, you should organize a trip to move to the country in which your study language is spoken. Grammar isn't so important for me because rules aren't always used by native people who live in that country. in fact when we were children we managed to learn our language without using any book and dictionary

I agree with you that learning English by watching t.v ,films and some programs are more effective. about the importance of Grammar, i think it is very important ...

As for me I find it easier to learn English in a classroom setting because you can find method there and way to go in a right direction, encouragement of your teacher, and you aren't afraid to make mistakes because people who surround you in a classroom at the same level as you struggling with the same problems during training. However, one day you understand that you have to expand ways of learning, you need to get more than can give you a coursebook. In this case, I appeal to books, magazines, newspapers, because they can help you to enrich your vocabulary, they help you to feel the language you learn, you can come across to new words, expressions, idioms and etc. I like watching films and TV shows but it is difficult in my country to watch English TV, even impossible but I can watch videobloggers on Youtube, some of the youtubers indeed put the subtitles to their videos but I don't use them because I want to understand them without any help, better to watch a video few times to catch on it. I also listen to BBC radio. It has different kinds of programmes that fit every taste. Personally, I prefer listening to drama, news and some programmes kind of chat shows because I can hear different pronounciation. The most effective language learning method for me: read, listen, watch, write and try to speak.