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Learning languages

Listen to Simon talking about how he learned several languages in a variety of different ways.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


Oral communication still the best way to improve our english, but it is very difficult to find someone to talk to him especialy in my country where we speak french as the seconde language.

I absolutely love learning english to the meeting,yes study english at School is boring or Wohlen i am travelling you have opportunity to improve ur knowledge.although it's very interesting to watch Tv listen audio records or make an exercise i think it's the best rule !!!!!!

No doubt, learning a language in a class brings some benefits, but it doesn't help me a lot because there are few teachers who really skillful and experienced enough. That's why it' s not easy for me to study in a class. But there are lots of ways to improve English . I, personally, watch movies and programmes in English, read magazines and articles, listen to the radio, do exercises on my own. Also when traveling, I have a great opportunity to use English . I improve my English every single day because it is my passion.

In my opinion, both of this ways of learning languages are important. I think so, because I believe, that when you learn English in a classroom, you can understand some rules better, than you try to learn by yourself. Also in a classroom you have a possibility to practice your pronunciation But if you don’t practice your language, you can’t learn it very well. So, read English newspapers or watching English TV are very important too.
As for me, I prefer to learn English in a classroom and forcing myself on a practice, because, In my view, it’s very important, when person ,who knows the language very well, explains you the most difficult rules. Also, when you learn English with somebody, you can try your pronunciation. And, of course, another important thing for me is watching English Tv.

Learning English in classroom helps us but in my case I would prefer talking to somebody what I mean practice talking because if I will just stuck it in my head without using it I will surely forget it. Reading also is a big help especially new words. Being interested in it to the point that you will look for a dictionary in your room or in your phone just to look at the meaning of that word.

It wasn't easy for me to give the right answars although Iunderstood what he said !!!

Learning in a Classroom is important especially for begineers, yet everyone has their own needs (take an exam or real coomunication) and opinions about that. In my opinion motivate and engage students in the different tasks is the Teachers' challenge. Moreover I consider important to identify our learning style (field dependent, independent, visual, auditory, tactile), then we can aproach languages from a better perspective. I know that we can pass an advanced exam and might feel that is not enough for real world. Languages are tools for communication and learning is a long term process.

It depends , If you are preparing for language tests , then classes are helpful. You need to know the format and style of test and regular practice is also required. Classes can provide that. If you are learning for fun or your communication needs then regular newspaper reading, watching English tv shows can help you to do so. However in first case also reading news paper and watching English tv are required to practice the language.

I prefer to keep and improve English both in online courses and watching English TV.
Learning a language is effective by reading books and doing exercises in the textbook.

hi everyone!
although I have learnt English through practical conversation with native speakers and out of classroom, but I thing its necessary to attend a few classes. particularly if you are planning on studying in English or tacking certain tests like TOEFL /IELTS. moves and other mass media are also helpful.