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Living in London

Listen to Luke talking about London life and the best and worst things about living there.

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Upper intermediate: B2


I live in a downside. It is quite near of Frankfurt. There is many advantages. For example, when you want to visit city center, you are very closed. And also if you want a bit quitenes, you have of course. Both you can arrive what you are needing easily, and you can live slightly quite and calm life. In addition this, you may attend different events in downside and city. Besides you can reach your basic goals and objectives in the city. For example you have a kide,

I live in the city. The best thing about where I live is that the area is lively, commercialized and infrastructured with sophisticated facilities, while the bad side about it just like London, there's constant rush hour mostly in the morning, afternoon and evening, as well as fullness of buses which sometimes keep someone waiting.

To live in a central city or village, it seems related to ages. Older people love quietness and they like to live in a village where young people may feel boring to live in. Anyway, I yearn for rural life.

Dear Team and friends listeners,
I' d like to agree with ''nicky62'', about the difficulties that we foreigners have in understanding fast, unclear and native speakers in many videos and I must say I myself have repeatedly commented on this problem.I'm sure the task Team know this issue. From all comments I've taken from the teachers of the Τeam, I realised that this is something we have to go through slowly and patiently even if it's difficult and frustrating for us. Because these are just the English that are spoken today in everyday life. .In fact, in the preface of the ''Audio zone'' states that ....'' people talking naturally about topics that interest them. The speakers are from all over the world, so you will hear a wide range of accents. There are audios for upper intermediate (CEFR level B2) and advanced (CEFR level C1) learners.'' Therefore, my friends, we just have to do it again and again and at some point, hopefully, we'll start to get acquainted. If it's still tough, skip it for a while, choose one more manageable and come back later. There is no other way in self learning...
Many thanks to the Team and the listeners who communicate with this site.

luke speaks very fast and very very unclear . if there is no transcript no one can understand his words unless a native english . do you agree with me?

he speaks with British accent .. you gotta improve your listening skill :)

Hi. Living in a small town surrounded by friendly people , beautiful nature is perfect . But there not so many events where would you like to go or take you children . You can find good places as a park , cafes , restaurants . So there are good and boring moments here

Hello everyone! I live in Moscow. It`s the biggest Russian city with the population over 11 million people. And it`s aslo such a love-hate relationship. I`ve lived here for 3 years. I love my city for opportunities, lifestyle, entertainments. Here is always big choice of theatres, museums, restaurants and parks. Lots of trendy and talanted people live and work here. In my opinion it`s cool to have an apartment in the center or close to the center, because one of the worst things about Moscow is using public transport in rush hour every day. The underground is packed in working days despite trains go every 20-30 seconds. People who live on the outskirts spend 1-2-3 hours to get their offices. I`m a lucky person, my apartment is located very close to the center. It takes just 20 minutes on foot to reach my office. One more reason to live in the center is going out anytime. The downside is it's about prices for apartments, they are more expensive.

for the better part of my life,i've been living in a small town, i have a love and hate relationship with it, it's not very polluted, the inhabitants are friendly. it's pretty hot though, and it's a bit far away from the city centre where most of the events are held

Hello I live in a town too, it is big has 144.000 inhabitants. It is really quiet and you can walk to go to someplace you need for example to the bank or the shopping market.